Boxing, videoshoots and waterfalls in LA

Hello Again!!

It’s been a great week in LA.

So this week I have decided to do what LA people do and go train at a boxing club in West Hollywood. It was intense!!! I left the club looking worse for wear while I was greeted by paparazzi. Not the best look but hey at least you all know I’m keeping fit lol.

This is me with Beth Behrs (from Two Broke Girls) and my trainer Martin (no 1. trainer)

Im planning on taking Nareesha with me for boxing next week,  I wonder if she can hack it!

Speaking of the missus, Nareesha and I did a video shoot with We played a fun UK vs. LA trivia game. You can tell in the video that we love LA, but our hearts are in England. Stay tuned for the video…



The rest of the week was full of back-to-back meetings, projects and studio time, but I did make a point of going to Malibu State Park and checked out the waterfalls and natural landscape. All I know is I should have worn more suitable clothes because it was hot!!! (The black jeans were a mistake…durrr)


Sadly we couldn’t take Mylo on the trek but it’s okay he doesn’t mind too much. That dog needs a hair cut big time and the American food is giving him a belly! I’ve got to walk him three times a day lol.


Anyway gotta get back to the LA madness, but will catch up next week.

See you next week!
Seev x


  1. Great to read all your news again Seev!!! But next time remember not to wear black trousers!!! Hahahaha!!! Love ya!!! Xx

  2. Awh glad you’re having a great time in LA we miss you over here – @IHeartJoshC

  3. Happy you had another really busy week in LA. Seev, your blog is so cool; the highlight of my Tuesday and maybe my week. I can’t wait for that video of you and Nareesha. Like you said… Mylo really needs a haircut; poor thing must be melting. Much love to the three of you. Xxx

  4. Loving the law blog posts seev! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. These* haha

  6. It’s fun to see you doing new things, Siva! So proud of you, can’t wait to hear about your adventures next week


  7. Glad you are doing what makes you happy because that’s all I want you to do. Excited for the future tunes. I hope you will have some that will make wanna dance my butt off. By the way, I told Bryce Vine “our homie” that you and him should collaborate, I just know the song would be banging. Also Mr, when is the DM you promised me at? Ha ha ha is it in a Galaxy Far far away? Lol. Well bro, glad Nunu, Mylo and yourself are doing fine. Give them lots of kisses and hug from my part. Oh by the way I have faith in my girl Nunu that she will keep up she might even beat you on our own game. Ha! Love you lots and see you soon xx

  8. @rainbowchick143

    I love ur blogs so much. They’re what I look forward to every week. Btw they always make me crack up.

  9. So glad to see you are doing well Siva! Excited for your projects coming up
    ! Miss you a lot! Hope you can visit the east coast again soon so I can see ya!

  10. Siva, I can’t say enough just how proud I am of you. I love the blog, I love hearing about your week, and I love that your happy and having a good time. Keep it up, Seev. I can’t wait to hear the music you’ve been working on, and I can’t wait to see those wedding photos of you and Nareesha and possibly Mylo walking down the isle dressed as chewbacca ;).

    You light up my week, by writing this blog. I really enjoy it. Xx

  11. Since your group is taking a break and your spending time in the studio and having the meetings your going to is there a solo album in the works there?

  12. @hashtagfries

    love you!!

  13. Miss you Seev hope you are doing great love you xx

  14. Hello Siva!

    Thank You for updating us! It really means a lot! It’s good to know what are You doing in US, I’m really glad that people can see (and read) how amazing You are!
    Can’t wait to hear new music from You!

    Your fave Polish fan – @jaytharinaTW x

  15. Ya know what they say Seev…. “Take it off!” ;) Miss you superstar and am
    so proud of you! Enjoy that gorgeous weather for me!

  16. I love your life in LA!! Have a good time there!! Love from Paraguay Seev!! I can’t wiat for the next week!!!

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