Our first Halloween in LA!

It was a fun Halloween in Hollywood! There were parties all weekend and LA takes Halloween seriously so you have to make sure that your costume is on point! My fans know that I always go all out on Halloween, and this year I transformed myself into a Devil! Jay actually did my Halloween make-up; yes my mate actually has some talent! Lol.


We had a blast going out and to be honest I don’t remember a lot of it. For example I am still wondering why Nareesha had a snake wrapped around her, Lol?! All I know is that we were at celebrity blogger Just Jared’s party when it happened.



People expected Nareesha and I to go as a couple, but we had our own ideas for what we wanted to be. The fans did point out that it looked more like Jay and I were the couple, lol.


I think it’s fair to say that we did a good job with our costumes this Halloween, but of course Mylo beat us all!


A lot of drinking and eating this Halloween weekend which means I need to call my personal trainer Christian ASAP to workout. Glad I took sometime to celebrate though because it was a good rest after a long week. Was recording in studio all night this week ending my sessions at 3am. I was also working on different accents with my acting coach. I have nailed down a good New York & Boston accent, can’t wait to have you guys hear it :).

Work hard, play hard! That’s my motto and this week I did it.

Hanging out with The Big Bang Theory guys and gym time!

Hello Beautiful People!

This week I caught up with my mate actor Kunal Nayyar of the famous American TV show The Big Bang theory. I love the show so Kunal invited me on the sets so I could watch him and his colleagues perform live. They were amazing. Their comedic timing is on point. Kunal is a good guy and a great boxing buddy! Special thanks to Kunal for inviting me on the sets of the show.

Image on Kunal Nayyar's desk in-studio

Image on Kunal Nayyar’s desk in-studio

It was also the festival of lights last week, and around the world people were lighting candles, and setting off fire crackers to celebrate this Hindu, Sikh and Jain holiday. I got a taste of Diwali when I got interviewed over the phone by one of India’s largest newspapers the Hindustan Times. The journalist had to pause while asking questions from time to time because of the noise coming from the firecrackers in the background, lol. What a fun holiday. Happy belated Diwali to those that celebrate!


It was very sad news regarding the passing of the great designer Oscar De La Renta. May he rest in peace. De La Renta once said, “Style Begins by looking good naked”. I truly believe that :). In honor of late inspirational designer I thought I would share some tips with the fellas on how I work hard to look good naked.


Also in an effort to keep up with my fitness and work hard to build even more muscle I joined an amazing fitness center in Los Angeles called The Firm Body Evolution. My trainer Christian is dope and works me hard to build muscle. He also has me on a strict diet. The best part is that after the workout I get to relax in infrared sauna. The healing properties of the sauna are endless. I am already in love with the staff there, how can I not be when they created a welcome package for me on my first day at the center :). Thanks to the Firm Body Evolution team!

Heres me in the infrared Sauna !! You should try it :)


Below are some tips on dieting:

• Eat about 6-8 small healthy meals and snacks a day? Oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast eat lean meats like fish, like salmon, eggs, and vegetables are thinks that you should be eating.

• Each day, strive to eat 3,000(2000 for girls) calories, 300 grams of protein, less than 280 carbs, and less then 80 grams of fat, and as little sugar as possible.

• Get to the gym at least twice as week and exercise and you get lean fast.

Here’s what I eat! broccoli ,eggs ,frozen berries, and small amount of protein.

I know it looks nasty, but once blended it tastes of berries and is great for you.


Gotta get back to the grind. In studio this week with some great producers & working hard on my acting, dialect and vocal classes. Love you all!



Siva’s six fashion and grooming tips “for the fellas”

Hello beautiful people,

This week I was on the cover of North America’s largest Asian publication Anokhi magazine. I am their fashion and style personality of the year and I am flattered :)

The photo-shoot was fun especially because Mylo made an appearance in it. This shoot focused on autumn fashion for their October issue. Special thanks to their lovely team!




I have always been into fashion. When I go out I love Hood by Air, it’s really cool and edgy but in a graphic way. I like Rag & Bone too. It’s simple and masculine for everyday wear and never trendy. And for formal nothing beats Tom Ford. He is the ultimate gent. I strongly believe in wearing my clothes and not them wearing me.

Since I had a cover story about fashion this week, I thought I would share the fashion & grooming tips I live by for the fellas.

1) Men should have good quality cashmere sweaters in black, grey, navy blue and camel

2) Always spend money on shoes and then have them shined so they age well while you break them in.

3) Get winter shades.

4) If you face is round get square shapes, and if it’s square get rounded ones.

5) Sunscreen is all year around

6)) Make sure your socks are good quality. It’s worth the money and girls will notice!

Fashion is cool but I also love being casual on the beach too.

I got to do that this weekend with Nareesha and a few of my mates from Ireland. Had a good time hanging out with them in LA LA land.


This week was a busy one and it’s only going to get busier. Will keep you posted.

Love you all!


Heatwave in October

Hello everyone!

So there has been a massive heat wave throughout LA with temperatures reaching over 95F, not a bad week to return to L.A ey!? Got the sunblock on in full force. Feeling a little like Jay bird! That lad can get sunburned from a camera flash! lol  siva4-a


This week I’ve been trying to enjoy the sun as much as possible so it’s been an outdoors kinda week. First of all, my new Jaguar F-Type arrived at my door the day I landed back in L.A. Its sa-weeet!




What do ya think? I can’t get enough of it. #GoodToBeBad :P

Naturally with a car like this I’ve been on the road as much as I possibly can, offering to help the Mrs with anything she needs collecting from the shops :P As well as driving all week I have been working on my American accent so that I can fit right into my TV and film roles. It’s all pretty exciting!

Seen as though I’m “So friggin L.A now”, of course I managed to fit in…yes you’ve guessed it. BEER TIME! It’s non stop in L.A sometimes, so its always good to have “beerapy” ( beer – therapy, get it?)




I’ve decided to move offices this week to something with a bit more open space. “Big Kev” (security guard) would be proud. One of the best things about living in L.A is that you can jump in the jacuzzi anytime of the day!



Back to La La Land !!

My visit back home.

Hello beautiful people,

This week I am back in England and all I have to say is I love the UK!!!! The food is amazing, the people are great and I am having a fun time catching up with my original crew. Nothing beats traditional London curry. I have to keep up with boxing to keep up with eating while I’m here, ha!


I always have a blast with my original nutters, especially Nareesha’s beautiful nieces. Uncle Siva is their favourite, or according to Nareesha that’s what I like to think, lol


It hasn’t been all play though; I have still been working hard in meetings with my UK team. It’ s been nice catching up with my agents and team members face to face here since I have been corresponding with them over the phone from the States for months now. They think I’m getting too LA, must be the photos the paparazzi have been spreading of me on the beach, it’s making me look like a surfer dude, lol. I told my team that you can take the boy out of London, but not the London out of the boy!

I have also kept up with my acting studies, as I have been regularly on Skype with my acting coach from Hollywood while I have been here. I love acting, and I am keeping up with my hard work to make sure that I can give my best performance on my first onscreen debut. Stay tuned ;)


I also went all Zoolander and did a photo-shoot. I can still pull ‘Blue Steel’ better than Zoolander, lol! What do you think?


London was awesome and I do miss all the little things. Wooly jumpers, Nando’s and mostly my friends. I also miss the architecture (check me out matching that Ferrari!!)


I had a blast, and love England, but it was friggin chilly! Gotta give it to LA for the sun and surf.

I’ll be back to Hollywood soon. So I’ll be getting my tan on lol!!

Reunited with The Wanted boys at Fusion Festival!

Hello beautiful people!

Since the last time I wrote I had a lovely homecoming as I travelled back to England to perform with the boys at the fusion festival! It was fun to hang out with the lads again, and it was awesome performing for our amazing fans. There is nothing better than the feeling of serenading the people I love! It was a short and hectic trip, but there is no place like home and I am so glad we did it! And I’m…glad ..you ..all …came.. meh heh heh



To this lovely girl below, thank you for making this sign. I loved it a lot. There were loads of great signs ! Cheers!


When I got back to the States I was shocked to hear that the talented Joan Rivers has passed away. That woman was hilarious. May she rest in peace.

My return to LA also involved my cell phone ringing off the hook because my friends and colleagues were checking to see if I was all right because a incident I got into was all over the press.


A few weeks back I was in New York for some work engagements. A member of my camp and I were walking down the street and we saw a man yelling at a girl. I was concerned so I walked over to make sure the girl was ok. Unfortunately things got physical, and I got a black eye out of it. But, luckily the girl did not get hit. She ran off before I could talk to her, but I hope wherever she is, she is ok and far away from that man!

I didn’t want to talk about this story, but now that it’s out in the press I have to say that no girl deserves to get hit, and every man should treat a woman like a princess. If your man is not treating you like one then he has problems and you best find someone else! Also I know several of my fans were concerned about my bruises, and I want to let them know I am fine (should’ve seen the other guy lol). It was just a few bruises and a black eye that have all healed now.

I am still working hard in Hollywood. And I have to say I’m loving it! Can’t wait to write to you all again!


Empire State of Mind!

Hello lovely people!

This week I was in the Empire state of mind as I celebrated my buddy CEO of Skam Artist, Sujit’s birthday in New York.  A lot of cool people were in attendance including, Lil’ Jon and Nick Cannon.  Had to stop myself from screaming “Turn Down for What” to Lil Jon, ha!


Siva, CEO of Skam artist, Sujit Kundu, Nick Cannon


Siva, Lil Jon


I also shared my tips for men’s Autumn fashion on TV with Fox5 while I was there.  Autumn fashion always makes me miss the UK & Dublin. Chatted style with the team at Teen Vogue as well. Got a chance to share my thoughts on menswear. Simple is always better for men!


Love the food in New York! Between the Standard East, Crosby street and ABC Kitchen I have to hit the gym extra hard this week.

Get a load of my amazing view….


Had to fly back from New York to attend my agency CAA’s pre awards party. It was a lot of fun and met some really cool actors also represented by CAA. It ended up being a pretty late night … they sure know how to party.


Nareesha and I are happy to be back with Mylo. He didn’t get to come to New York and was well excited to see us! Nareesha is busy now planning his birthday party. It’s a Hollywood thing…

Also got time to spend with the Jay Bird this week. Between a pub quiz and chilling in the Hills uncle bird managed to make sure that Mylo was well hydrated.



Busy week ahead, back in the studio and acting classes, C ya!

From the West Coast to the East Coast with friends and family

Hello lovely people!

This week, my boy Jay-bird A.K.A Jay McGuiness visited me in La La land.  We got together with our band’s drummer Tucker and headed to one of our favorite bars on Sunset Blvd #NoDoy. We were craving cotton candy so we also went to the best place in LA to get it at the Saddle Ranch.  It’s always a good time with Jay. Wish I got to see him more often!


I was busy this week with my cover shoot for North America’s premier Asian magazine Anokhi, worked hard to get ripped for the shirtless shots! Had fun doing the photo-shoot at the Andaaz hotel in West Hollywood.  They featured me as their fall fashion icon and all I have to say is that I am flattered.



I would like to give a special thanks to the Anokhi team for putting together a wonderful shoot.  The best part of the shoot was to have my buddy Mylo featured with me.  Stay tuned for Mylo’s print debut!

Also just landed in New York City, I love this city’s skyline and pizza!  Came to attend my mate, CEO of Skam Artist’s, birthday. Had a blast at the party with Lil Jon and Nick Cannon.  I am in the Empire State of Mind. (In Newwwww Yoooooorrrrrk!)


I have visited this city so many times, but I am excited every time I visit the Big Apple.

I have loads of meetings and interviews to do while I am here, but as they say work hard and play hard.


Nareesha loves it in NY because it’s urban like it is in London.  You can take the girl out of the city, but not the city out of the girl. It looks like we may be living bi-coastally soon.

I have to get back to my commitments, but will talk to all of you soon.

Love you all,


Remembering Robin, boxing sessions and a new haircut…

Hello beautiful people!

First of all, I would like to pay my respects to one of the most wonderful, talented and funny actors to ever grace this earth, Robin Williams. Such sad news and a huge loss to the world. May he rest in peace. I have such fond memories of him from my childhood, as I am sure you all do too. Tonight I will be watching one of my all time favourite movies “Bicentennial Man” in remembrance of him. robinwilliams-z

Thought that you might also enjoy my absolute favourite tweet from Robin Williams. HA!


So this week in LA LA land I got news that I am heading to the East Coast next week for an event in New York! I love New York, the last time I was there I got to catch up with my friend, famous radio host Elvis Duran, and got to meet my amazing fans who spotted me around the city and came to The Wanted concert! I am ready to get in the “Empire State of Mind”!

I hit up the boxing ring last week with the amazing producer of 2 Broke Girls, Will and Grace and loads of other popular shows, Jhoni Marchinko.


Also I bumped into Kunal Nayyar (AKA: Raj from The Big Bang Theory)- such a nice guy and he was born in London right near my apartment there.


My schedule is crazy with events, studio time and acting coaching. In the evening I’ve been practicing my lines with Nareesha who thinks she is some sort of Oscar-winning actress when reading with me. Seriously funny stuff! The other professional commitments my team sets up for me have kept me running around like a headless chicken, but amongst all the chaos exercise helps me keep calm.

Got a hairdo this week too… thoughts in the comments box below :P


My stories in LA LA land have been crazy, and I am sure it will only get crazier in the Big Apple next week! It just wouldn’t be me if it weren’t, ha-ha!



Work hard play hard in LA!

Hello from La La land! It’s been another busy week working hard in the studio on all my projects. But, you know what they say, work hard/play hard! I caught-up with friends and surfed this week for the first time in ages, it was narly duuude! We had a great time and I managed to stay up on my board most of the time, HA! (I am starting to feel well Cali!) No worries though, my heart will always be in the UK and Ireland!


I also decided to unwind this week at the Montage Hotel with Nareesha and my buddy Kendrick Sampson from the Vampire Diaries and Gracepoint. We actually got to know each other on the red carpet of the Young Hollywood Awards. It’s cool to make friends amongst all the red-carpet chaos! While we were leaving The Montage a few of the fans came up to me at the hotel, and before I knew it a whole lot of fans were around me. I don’t know how you guys do it, but you always find me ha-ha! I love it!

I also caught up with my beautiful friend who is one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, Priyanka Chopra. She invited Nareesha and me to her cousin’s wedding in LA. We had a blast! I love dancing at Indian weddings.


It’s been another crazy week, but was great because I got to spend time with good friends. And it wasn’t just a good week for me; it was good for Mylo too as the little dude is rocking a new cut that makes him look even better!


We thought he had a twin across the world. But the below picture is actually a teddy bear lol


Gotta get back to it! I will bring you guys more stories about my crazy life in the Hollywood Hills next week.

See ya later,


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