Awards season continues

Hello beautiful people,

It has been a whole lot of partying, partying and more partying in Hollywood with awards season and it’s been great. It’s always good to catch up with my mates at these events and make new ones as well.


This past week I had the honor to perform at Hollywood Heals, an event that benefitted the Tourette Syndrome Association. My mate Dash Mihok from The Ray Donnavan show invited me to play the guitar at the event. There were several members of the entertainment industry in attendance including, Jamie Kennedy and Jon Voight.


I had a wonderful time. I love playing the guitar and I had a good time doing it for a good cause! Nareesha and I had a lot of fun.

It’s always madness in La La land and I am enjoying living here, I will always miss England though! Can’t wait for my next visit. I need to jump back into the madness now.

Love you guys,


Awards season

Hello beautiful people!

It’s been insane in La La Land as it was Grammy week! I had a lot of fun going to all the parties and events. Good times with good people. Congrats to all my friends who took home Grammys and were nominated.

The fun part of this week is catching up with friends and making new ones. Had a good time with my girl Jennie Mai one of the hosts of the talk show “The Real”. We had a great time at the Red Light Grammy party.


It’s hard to stay healthy during awards season so I had to be focused and hit the gym. Gotta keep looking good for you guys ;). I also have to stay fit for my onscreen debut coming soon….


I gotta get back to the grind, but before I do I wanted to say a big congratulations to Scooter Braun and his wife for the birth of their baby boy! I am happy for them.

Love you guys,


Awards season and after parties!

Hello beautiful people,

It’s award season in Hollywood and I have been having fun catching up with people at the after parties! It’s always nice to see people I haven’t seen in a while. Check out my #tbt from the Young Hollywood awards where I am with lovely Kelly Osbourne & Ariel Winter.


I am going out a lot, but I gotta keep up with my health as I have to look good when I am shooting TV roles ;) Any healthy recipes you guys can share with me so I can keep up with a good diet?

It’s been fun going out in this amazing weather. I am use to it being cold in January and now I am enjoying sunshine! This is what I really love about La La Land the amazing weather. Mylo really appreciates it too.


I am sorry for my friends in the East coast who had to deal with a snowstorm. A few of my team members got stuck in NY this week because of the storm. I am glad they are all safe though, and I am looking forward to having them in LA next week back to work with me 

Well I have to get back to the grind, things are really busy here especially now with award season in the mix. I look forward to talking to you guys again soon. Love you all.


2015: a year of new beginnings

Hi everyone,

The weather has been amazing in LA LA Land, I can’t believe it’s January and I can walk outside in shorts. I’m not use to this at all being from the UK. The weather is nice, but my team has been keeping me busy with projects so no play for me in this amazing weather. I do get to relax when I workout though. Speaking of working out my trainer Christian’s workout got featured in check it out here.


I have been working hard acting and loving it. Can’t wait till you guys see me on TV soon J. I have been boxing and working out to look good on the screen for you guys ;)


2015 is going to be a year of new beginnings. It was a rough start of the year hearing about the terrorist attacks in Paris & Nigeria. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families. We all must stay informed and work together to bring change for the better.

I want to focus on the charities I support more this year. Girl2B & Write Girl are two organizations that are close to my heart. I encourage all young girls to turn into power-players.


I have to get back to the grind, but I love you all. Thanks for always being there for me.



Happy Holidays from England!

Happy Holidays from England!

I am finally back home! It was hard to say good-bye to Sunny LA weather, but there is nothing like snow during the holidays, and that’s exactly what we got in England.


Work has been intense, but when I am home for the holidays I focus on the people I love and try to spend time with them during this festive season. I hope all of you have been doing the same! Funny Christmas sweaters are not one of my favorite traditions, but, I had to put one on for tradition sake:). I am enjoying chilling out near the fireplace, and catching up on some reading. I try to read as much as I can because the more I read the better I write and it helps my song writing. So I made sure to take time out for that this season so I can keep writing good music for my beautiful fans!


I have been playing my guitar and eating way too much, ha-ha. It’s been a great holiday! My trainer Christian from Firm Body Evolution is going to kill me when I am back in LA, lol. I am having a blast with my family and friends and I have to say there is no place like home.


I have worked really hard these past few months and you will see the results for that in the New Year. I can’t wait for 2015, it’s almost here! I am going to go back to enjoying family time now, as soon as the New Year begins so does my crazy work schedule. I will write again soon.

Happy New Year beautiful people!



Merry Christmas beautiful people!

It’s that wonderful time of the year again, and I’m wrapping up some important work commitments as it gets closer to the end of the year. The other day I got out of the  studio after 3am, but it felt amazing. Nothing feels better than working all night recording great music. I can’t wait till you guys hear my new tracks! 2015 is going to be the year where you will be seeing what I have been working on these past few months. It’s going to be a awesome year.

I’m getting into the Christmas sprit. I serenaded the beautiful Nareesha McCaffrey in front of our Christmas tree with her favorite holiday songs. We had fun Christmas shopping for our family and friends, but it has been a bit weird getting use to this time of year without snow.


Nareesha got me an early Christmas gift this year. You all know how much I love cars, and how I have so many of them, from BMWs to Jaguars, well now I have a car that’s good for my off-roading activities. I’m very active and enjoy doing outdoor activities like mountain biking and hiking. Well now I’m going to take out my Land Rover when I’m feeling adventurous. Great car and a really smooth drive even on rough terrain. Great gift!




Gotta get back to the grind. I’m going to be eating a lot over the holidays as I am headed back to England. I can’t wait! I am going to have to hit up the Firm Body Evolution Center when I get back to LA and have my trainer Christian help  after all of these holiday parties! Talk to you soon.


Love you all,



Hola from Mexico!

Hola from Mexico!

I am on tour with the lads and this country is amazing.  Great people, great culture, and great parties!  I love it here. Our fans have shown me so much love here. They gave me belated birthday cake that I appreciated! Love you guys!




Our concerts are in Guadalajara, Monterey and Mexico City. All of these cities are beautiful with rich histories and cultures.  I made sure to check out all the sites in each of the cities.




While I was on tour in Guadalajara I spotted this photo, all I have to say is respect….




I tried this drink called Squirt for the first time, good stuff.  Mexican food and drinks are so tasty, my trainer Christian is not going to be happy with me when I come back, ha-ha!




The concerts were of course amazing. I had so much fun!  Nothing feels better than to perform for our lovely fans!




I am headed back to LA tomorrow and I am exhausted.  I am looking forward to see Nareesha and Mylo though.  We will all be back home in England for Christmas.  It’s gonna be great!



Birthdays, Photoshoots and getting ready for Mexico!

Hello Beautiful People,

It’s been a crazy week in La La land on top of photo-shoots and events, I am also getting ready to head out to Mexico with The Wanted lads the first week of December. Thank god for my team handling my life! Love u guys.

This past week I celebrated my birthday with Jaybird and a few other close friends. Had fun with them, but unfortunately couldn’t party too hard as I had a shoot with Glow magazine. I always make sure not to drink a few days before the shoot. It’s all good though my friends drank enough for me, lol.



My shoot for Glow magazine was doooope!!!! Can ‘t wait to see when it’s published. Had a great time recording music in-studio this week and, as usual, training hard in acting. I have different accents down now, and am pretty good in comedy & drama. What type of film or TV roles do you guys want to see me in?

Can you believe it’s the end of the year already?! So much has happened since my move to La La land. Since CAA brought me over to Los Angeles to develop me as a solo artist so much has happened on my new journey, can’t wait to start sharing what I have been up to with you guys very soon!


I am looking forward to spending the end of the year in New York and especially back home in England. I will be in NY for work, and will also be working in England, but I can’t wait to catch-up with all the people I love back home in the UK. I am especially looking forward to eating the amazing food. In London, my trainer Christian from Firm Body Evolution would kill me if he knew how I was planning on indulging when I get back home to the UK, I’m thinking I’ll go for Skips and Monster Munch ha-ha.


I have a lot to look forward to, and I am so blessed that I have you guys to go on this journey with me. Love you guys! Talk soon.


Our first Halloween in LA!

It was a fun Halloween in Hollywood! There were parties all weekend and LA takes Halloween seriously so you have to make sure that your costume is on point! My fans know that I always go all out on Halloween, and this year I transformed myself into a Devil! Jay actually did my Halloween make-up; yes my mate actually has some talent! Lol.


We had a blast going out and to be honest I don’t remember a lot of it. For example I am still wondering why Nareesha had a snake wrapped around her, Lol?! All I know is that we were at celebrity blogger Just Jared’s party when it happened.



People expected Nareesha and I to go as a couple, but we had our own ideas for what we wanted to be. The fans did point out that it looked more like Jay and I were the couple, lol.


I think it’s fair to say that we did a good job with our costumes this Halloween, but of course Mylo beat us all!


A lot of drinking and eating this Halloween weekend which means I need to call my personal trainer Christian ASAP to workout. Glad I took sometime to celebrate though because it was a good rest after a long week. Was recording in studio all night this week ending my sessions at 3am. I was also working on different accents with my acting coach. I have nailed down a good New York & Boston accent, can’t wait to have you guys hear it :).

Work hard, play hard! That’s my motto and this week I did it.

Hanging out with The Big Bang Theory guys and gym time!

Hello Beautiful People!

This week I caught up with my mate actor Kunal Nayyar of the famous American TV show The Big Bang theory. I love the show so Kunal invited me on the sets so I could watch him and his colleagues perform live. They were amazing. Their comedic timing is on point. Kunal is a good guy and a great boxing buddy! Special thanks to Kunal for inviting me on the sets of the show.

Image on Kunal Nayyar's desk in-studio

Image on Kunal Nayyar’s desk in-studio

It was also the festival of lights last week, and around the world people were lighting candles, and setting off fire crackers to celebrate this Hindu, Sikh and Jain holiday. I got a taste of Diwali when I got interviewed over the phone by one of India’s largest newspapers the Hindustan Times. The journalist had to pause while asking questions from time to time because of the noise coming from the firecrackers in the background, lol. What a fun holiday. Happy belated Diwali to those that celebrate!


It was very sad news regarding the passing of the great designer Oscar De La Renta. May he rest in peace. De La Renta once said, “Style Begins by looking good naked”. I truly believe that :). In honor of late inspirational designer I thought I would share some tips with the fellas on how I work hard to look good naked.


Also in an effort to keep up with my fitness and work hard to build even more muscle I joined an amazing fitness center in Los Angeles called The Firm Body Evolution. My trainer Christian is dope and works me hard to build muscle. He also has me on a strict diet. The best part is that after the workout I get to relax in infrared sauna. The healing properties of the sauna are endless. I am already in love with the staff there, how can I not be when they created a welcome package for me on my first day at the center :). Thanks to the Firm Body Evolution team!

Heres me in the infrared Sauna !! You should try it :)


Below are some tips on dieting:

• Eat about 6-8 small healthy meals and snacks a day? Oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast eat lean meats like fish, like salmon, eggs, and vegetables are thinks that you should be eating.

• Each day, strive to eat 3,000(2000 for girls) calories, 300 grams of protein, less than 280 carbs, and less then 80 grams of fat, and as little sugar as possible.

• Get to the gym at least twice as week and exercise and you get lean fast.

Here’s what I eat! broccoli ,eggs ,frozen berries, and small amount of protein.

I know it looks nasty, but once blended it tastes of berries and is great for you.


Gotta get back to the grind. In studio this week with some great producers & working hard on my acting, dialect and vocal classes. Love you all!



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