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Jan 11

It’s decided

Sunday was a special day – we visited the place where, we have definitely decided, we will tie the knot.

Stepping through the heavy wooden doors into the gardens to Finca Casa Esquileo felt so familiar – but this time, with J’s parents Linda and Pepe with us, it felt official.

I think we were both a little nervous about what they would think. Would they like it, or would they think it was just too much hard work?

blog-copy.jpgLike old pros – and with the help of the owner Rodrigo of course – we showed them around.

The pretty garden that’ll make a great place to hold the welcome cocktail. The rustic old banquet hall, with the 18th Century graffiti on the walls. And the old preserved house where we can do the family photos.

For the first 20 minutes it was hard to tell what they thought. But when Linda got her phone out and started taking pictures I knew.

“So what do you think?” I asked her, when Rodrigo and Pepe were busy debating which king of Spain was the best in history.

“I love it,” she said “It’ll take a lot of work, but it’ll be really great. The only thing is we’ll have to be careful to make sure it doesn’t look to empty, but we can work around that.”

She’s right. If you put 250 people in the hall it’ll look cosy. But our 100 people might look a bit lonely.

But that’s a small point. The only other thing we really need to decide is when to start proceedings. In Spain weddings kick off late, and go on till late. But the venue – and the cute little church which is just 100 yards away- would really look better in the bright light of day.

Anyway, those are all finer details. The main thing is, we have our venue. And we have our date – September 17. Two very important things. Now everything seems more real than ever.

Because we’re actually going to do it. We’re going to get married, and we’re going to do it there.

And even though we’re in the grip of winter and your breath freezes in front of your face and your toes are icy slivers in your shoes, I can see it as summer with my heart’s wet eyes.

I can see the tables all laid out, with place names for all the people I love most in the world. I can see my Dad stood up at the top table, thanking everyone for coming (and probably saying something horribly embarrassing, all meant in the best possible way). I can see us swaying across the dance floor, taking tentative steps into the next chapter.

I can see it all – now I just have to make it happen.

Jan 11

I just don’t have 200 people to invite!

Is there anyone who doesn’t like looking at wedding venues? I think it’s just magic. You walk round imagining yourself there with a wine glass in your hand, being congratulated and applauded by everyone.

Twirling around the dance floor gracefully to your first dance. And then maybe later, doing the drunken shuffle in front of the DJ booth. Can you see yourself tying the knot here? Is this The One?

Mind you, maybe I’ll get less enthusiastic as time goes on, it was only the first. Then again, I never got sick of flat hunting in London. (is that the same?) And I moved house at least seven times.

blog.jpgAt the weekend me and J stopped off at a beautiful venue which on the internet looked very promising. It was close to Madrid (which would be great for all the people coming from England). It also had 17 hotel rooms adjoining it, and had a church next door, meaning people could just walk to the wedding breakfast. It also had a nightclub area meaning we could party the night away (at an extra cost after the initial four hours were up)

It was a converted convent too, so it looked amazing – and would do in the wedding photos.

So far so good, but the problems started when we sat down to talk about dates. We had estimated that if we went for a September wedding, we should have more chance of actually getting a date we wanted.

But when we told this to the lady showing us around, she pulled a funny face and told us September was “high season”. If we wanted to get married on a Saturday they would ask us to guarantee having at least 200 guests. Really? But I don’t even know 200 people! Well I do, but we really don’t want our guest list to top 100. We want to celebrate our big day with our close friends. And we want to be able to talk to them all.

I can understand that the venue is really popular, and asking for a certain number of people to maximize profits may be standard practice, but from that point on I started to lose interest.

Booking for a Friday should be OK, she informed us – if we were interested she could talk to her supervisor and see if it would be possible. Even then we wouldn’t be guaranteed to be able to make the booking. Things were busy – she even had a 350 person wedding scheduled for December!

We left thinking maybe this one wasn’t going to work out for us. I really had my heart set on getting married on a Saturday (a Friday wedding will cause problems for the non-Madrid dwellers). When I got home and relayed all this to Linda, she said: “Well, forget it. You want to get married on a Saturday, so don’t take no for an answer. Plenty more places out there.”

She’s right. Plus there’s the fact that two of J’s friends have got married in the same place. Somehow it wouldn’t feel like we were doing our own thing.

So the search goes on, and at least now we have some venue experience to draw on.

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