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Mar 11

Food vs football

Last year J and I attended a wedding back in England where the food was pretty good. When I complemented the bride on the tasty fish and nice dessert she’d expertly chosen, she started to laugh.

“Oh we just left it up to the caterers,” she said. “Luckily they did a good job – it wasn’t bad, was it?”

I had to laugh too – it was typical of this girl’s laid-back nature that she didn’t get stressed about things going horribly wrong. I don’t think I could have done the same.

blog-food-story.jpgWhich is just as well really, because with our wedding food, there’ll be no leaving it up to the caterers. Unbelievably we have about three different tasting sessions, and about 40 different dishes to choose from.

In our original meeting with the caterer – a formidable man named Fernando who recounted tales of organising food for a wedding party of 400 – I could see J’s mind wandering.

His ears perked up though when Fernando told him he could get any type of alcoholic beverage J wanted to serve.

But when it came to actually coming to the tastings, J had dithered over whether he would leave it all to Linda and me. In the end, the promise of a free dinner was too good to resist.

So along we went to the first taste session together, once we’d finally set a date for it. The problem was that football matches kept getting in the way. And it wasn’t just my husband-to-be who was kicking up a fuss; Fernando didn’t want to miss a Spain match or a Champion’s League showdown featuring his beloved Real Madrid.

When we did make it out to the finca where Fernando held the session, it was like going to a fancy restaurant on a night out.

We drove for about half an hour to get there – down two toll roads – and through a massive pair of sliding electric doors.

The place was amazing – all red brick and immaculate gardens. And there was something that looked like a windmill in front of the finca.

Fernando met us at the door, and ushered us inside, where there were about 14 couples already seated, tucking into the mini versions of the courses we could choose on the big day.

The food was amazing. I won’t list them all but the highlights were the merluza asada con cama de cebolla (roast haddock on a bed of onions) and the mint cream shot with melon and jamon. The lobster salad looked great, though it was just like eating a large prawn in reality…

So the jury’s still out on our wedding menu. But I’m glad we’ve got these tastings lined up, as everyone keeps telling me I won’t eat much on the big day. I’ll be too nervous and I’ll have too many people to talk to. Is that really true?

Anyway, it’ll be a while until the next session – April is a good month for football, after all.

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