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Aug 11

A song and dance

With most of the big things taken care of, I’m starting to think about (and fret about) the little things.

Where do brides put their stuff, for one. You never see them with bags. True, I won’t need to bring my house keys, but I might need some tissues.

And what should I do with my mobile phone? I guess I won’t really need it, because everyone I would ever need to call will be with me all day.

But the one thing that’s been bothering me, more than most – is the First Dance.

I’m thinking back to J’s friend Jimmy’s wedding. He danced to a slow version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow with his new wife Bea.

Well I say danced. Bea clamped her hands around his neck and tried to make him move to the music. He had a look of raging discomfort on his face, like he was being forced to watch Sex and The City 2 or something.

Car crash doesn’t even begin to describe it.

I don’t want me and J to end up like that! And it’s a possibility, that’s the worst thing.

He doesn’t really dance. Maybe bobbing head finger dancing, but no more than that. Propping up the bar is more his style, really.

I guess we need to practice, that’s clear. But what will we dance to?

I love Eighties pop, he hates it. He loves heavy metal, but I don’t really see myself spinning round the dancefloor to anything by Sepultura .

We both like dance music, but there’s nothing there that really fits the bill.

J suggested we have Common People by Pulp – I don’t think he was even joking.

We don’t have a special song (how do people even get those?) so we’re a bit stuck really.

I’m hoping inspiration suddenly hits us along the way. Time is running out though – six weeks and counting!

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