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Dec 10


I’m engaged. I still can’t believe it. Seven years after I first met my boyfriend, J, in a bar in London, he has finally become my fiancé. And somewhere in the not distant future, we’ll somehow have to sit down and plan a wedding.

My story will be slightly different than your average bride’s, I suppose, as I’m British and my husband-to-be is Spanish. We’ve got the difference in language and traditions, as well as the whole logistical side of things to sort out. I know we’ll manage it somehow, though.


For now I’m just basking in the glow of being engaged. It’s a weird sensation. Everyone tells you that your whole life focus changes, and for me that hasn’t really been true. Perhaps it just hasn’t really sunk in yet.

J proposed in the mountains of El Escorial, close to Madrid – where we live – and it couldn’t have been more perfect. The sun was shining, we were admiring the view when he suddenly went down on one knee, and I got the shock of my life – in the best possible way of course.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion and I asked him: “Is this really happening now?” It felt like a scene from a film. I can’t stop smiling remembering it now.

It wasn’t until long afterwards when I finally stopped shaking, when I realised I’d forgotten to take the ugly support bandage off my wrist (yoga injury, don’t ask!) So in all of our memento pics I have a beaming smile and a bionic hand. Never mind, it’ll make the occasion far more memorable.

The rest of the day seemed to pass in a blur. The whole thing felt so surreal until we actually started phoning people to tell them the good news. I keep looking down at the gorgeous ring on my finger and just going off into a daydream.

Questions about what I want my dress to be like or have I thought about what to do with my hair are just met with: “I don’t know.” I was never one of these little girls who spends hours dreaming and planning her wedding day.

I knew I would do it one day, when I found ‘The One’ for me. Now that day’s arrived, and I couldn’t be happier that I’ll be settling down with a Spaniard.

We still don’t know when and where we’ll tie the knot, but hopefully it’ll be sooner rather than later. Before we start to make actual real life plans I think I’m entitled to at least a week more of daydreaming. That’s fair, isn’t it?

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