First Christmas as a Mrs

Three whole months have gone by since we said “si, quiero”, and it seems to have passed in a complete blur.

I guess you could say that I’ve got used to the fact that I am now a señora – though I do still catch myself saying “my boyfriend” from time to time when mentioning J.

It did take a long time for that post-wedding glow to wear off. In some ways I think it still hasn’t. I’m still prone to replaying bits of my wedding in my head when I’m bored and the memory still seems brand new.

Of course, it helps that I’ve probably watched the video about 25 times since I got it last month.

Now the wedding dress is finally vacuum-packed and stowed safely under the bed. (I left it hanging up in the front room for weeks because I didn’t really know what to do with it.)

And we finally got our amazing wedding photos back (How many hours will I sit staring at the album, or spend going through the 6,000 we have on disk?)

So now, all that is left to do is move on with our lives as newlyweds. And the first port of call? Our first Christmas as a married couple.

Apparently, this is supposed to be significant in some way. People keep telling us to enjoy it. And we will, of course. We’ve already been to Durham to see the Robinsons, and now there’s a big family Christmas planned with the Borracheros.

But it really doesn’t feel like it’s going to be all that different. Apart from the fact that we don’t have a wedding to plan, that is.

It’s incredible to think that this time last year we hadn’t done a thing – not even looked at a single venue on the internet. How did it all get done?

“What are we going to do with ourselves next year?” Linda asked when I had lunch with her the other day.

It’s a good question. There’s still the thank you cards. Haven’t got round to that yet as I was waiting for the photos to come back. That’ll keep me busy for a while.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for reading my blog this year.

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  1. katherine! Nice post as usual ! Merry christmas to you and all those you love this marvelous blog as much as i do kisses

  2. Paula Costas Alonso

    ¡Feliz 2012!

  3. Hello Katherine. Reading your blog brings back many beautiful memories! We tied the knot 1o years ago and ended up living in the Segovian countryside and love it! You never know.

  4. feliz 2012!!!!!!!!

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