It was the happiest day of my life.

You hear it every time from the mouths of brides and it sounds like such a cliché. But you know what? There’s no other way to describe it. Pure unbridled joy. All your favourite people in the same place, so much love and emotion. There’s nothing quite like it.

And it goes so fast. They all say that too, but again, it’s true. It passes in a happy blur then you’re left with a slightly scuffed up wedding dress, hundreds (or maybe thousands) of photos and a head full of amazing memories to last you a lifetime.

I am married. I am Señora de Borrachero. The honeymoon is over. It’s all hard to believe. All that planning and waiting and it’s all done and dusted. There’s so much to tell I don’t even know where to start. I think it’s best to break the whole thing down into several posts.

For now I’ll start with newly-married life. The wedding and honeymoon will follow.

So, have things changed now I’m a wife? Do I feel any different? To my complete and utter surprise, the answer is yes.

I always agreed with people – like Jodie Kidd in this week’s mag in fact – who said “marriage is just a piece of paper” or “I couldn’t possibly feel closer to my other half than I do right now”. It’s just one day of your life, after all, right?

But now I feel differently. When you’ve shared something so emotional and intense – when you’ve promised to love someone forever in front of all your loved ones and God, if that’s what you believe in – it’s impossible not to feel different.

And I’m sure J agrees. The jewellery-phobe who said he probably wouldn’t wear his wedding ring after the ceremony, now wears it with pride. He likes having an outward sign that he’s married, he says.

My good friend Eli always told me being married is just like it was before, only better. I know what she means.

It is strange and pleasing in equal measures when J introduces me to someone as “my wife” or “mi mujer“. And I feel the same when referring to him as my marido. It feels grown up and sophisticated, but I don’t feel old, like I feared I might, being labelled with that tag.

And I do feel closer to him. Little things have changed. It’s subtle. We hold hands now, when we never did before. There’s an unspoken sense of ‘us against the world’. And it feels like there’s something extra forged between us that can’t be broken.

We are still giddily happy. Even going back to work isn’t as bad as I’d thought it would be. Of course it does help that most of my workmates were at the wedding and we keep breaking off what we’re doing to share funny stories and memories from the big day.

We got our Libro de Familia – the Spanish ‘family book’ or wedding certificate – today in the post. So it really is official.

My head is full of hopes and dreams for the future. Where will we be and what will we be doing in ten years time? Or 20, 40, 50? The possibilities seem endless right now.

Emmy-nominated Comedy writer Gene Perret wrote the following about his marriage: “Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day.”

I hope that I can look back and say the same.

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  1. Congratulations again! / ¡Felicidades!
    I am so glad to hear that it was un día inolvidable and that it has had such a wonderful effect on your relationship. I still have the same feeling that you describe when saying “mi marido” more than one year later.
    I can’t wait to know more about the big day, are those you and J on the photo of the blog entry?

    • Katherine Robinson

      Hi Paula, thanks so much. Yes, that’s me and J :) It was a wonderful day and I’ll be posting more soon, especially for you. Congrats on your first wedding anniversary! xxx

  2. Mrs. Katherine Borrachero!!!!! congratulations!!!!! perfect post, it really shows your feelings…wow… and that lovely prhase by Gene Perret is so sweet…I wish you the best of both of you..mucha suerte!!!!!

  3. me again!!!! forgot to mention that from the looks of the photo you’ve posted you really looked amazingly beautifull!!!

  4. Wow! You both look stunning! Your dress is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Bethany Laing

    I have to stress as someone who know’s you, I have never met a Girl who I thought would never get married, the rebel you were, so quirky and sometimes just plain out there would turn out to be so normal, have THE fairy tale relationship and Wedding day, a couple who not only look so right together but act right together. I am over the moon for you. You look so radiant its unbelievable it brings me to tears.

    I am so excited for you and this new chapter you are embarking on together. xxx

    • Katherine Robinson

      Bethany you are so sweet. Reading that made me tear up, again! I will bring the wedding album to show you when we’re next in Durham. xxx

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