Signing off…

When I left the house today one of the neighbours held the door open for me. When I told him thank you and goodbye, he replied: “hasta luego senorita

Not something I would normally think that much about (apart from to feel happy he had thought I was young enough to be called “miss” as opposed to “Mrs”.

But today it seemed significant as I won’t be a señorita for much longer.

One year ago, give or take a few days, I got engaged. Now, in only a matter of days I’m going to get married. The whole thing is surreal.

Weddings always seemed like things that happen to other people, not to me. And even when we set the date it seemed like some mythical milestone off in the future, something that would never happen.

Yet here it is. On Saturday I will become Señora Borrachero and married life will begin.

When I think back to the moment I took the plunge into the bottomless sea that is wedding planning, I had no idea the amount of time, work and money that goes into the whole thing.

Why anyone would want to be a professional wedding planner, I have no idea.

The stress has started building up in the last few days. And it’s not just me. Poor J nearly had a nervous breakdown the other day while he was trying to put our table list into alphabetical order.

And I had one today when a man from a restaurant I’ve never heard of rang up to confirm my booking for Friday night for 40 people. We’re still not sure who made that booking or how he got my number, but it’s cancelled now. An ex boyfriend trying to mess with my head maybe?

The pre-wedding manicness is probably going to get worse as this week goes on. My parents are arriving tonight with my aunt and uncle. Hopefully someone has already broken it to Auntie Joyce that there’s no beach in Madrid.

It’s all manageable – so far. We just need to breathe deeply and remember that it’s only a wedding.

The important thing is me and J, saying “si, quiero” in front of all our loved ones. The other things are extra details.

Anyway, this is my last day at work. I’ll be back post-honeymoon with the full report, but for now I’m signing off.

Thanks for sharing my journey from engaged to here. What a journey it’s been.

Spain’s own Duchess of Alba said “Every good love story ends with a wedding”.

But she’s wrong. Because really the wedding is only the beginning. And I can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter.

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  1. Hope everything goes perfectly for you and you&J have a brilliant day! xo

  2. Hi Katherine,

    Congratulations with your wedding!! ¡¡Muchas felicidades por tu boda!! Today is your big day, by now you guys are a married couple. My best wishes for a fantastic marriage and great following chapters of your life together.
    I can’t wait to hear/read how wonderful it has been, but for now, enjoy the honeymoon!

  3. Hi Kate!!
    wow shall I better say Mrs Borrachero? We’ve never meet but after reading your lovely posts I am really fond of you and I truly hope everything works out fine for you and J.
    P.S. I am picking up lots of ideas, since I am getting married next year!!!
    lots of luck to both of you!!!
    see ya in the next post

    • Katherine Robinson

      That is so sweet Alex, thanks so much. Hope the planning is going well for you. Where and when are you tying the knot? xxx

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