Pre-wedding getaway

With less than four weeks to go before the big day, people keep asking me if I’m stressed out.

It’s a fair enough question. Most brides by this point are approaching meltdown, right? I really don’t know how I’m supposed to feel – I’ve never done this before, after all.

I feel excited, scared – maybe a bit nervous – but stressed? Well no, actually I’m not.

I’m sure that’s partly to do with the fact that Spain pretty much shuts down in August, so the running around has ceased. July was pretty busy because we knew we had to get everything done before the end of that month, but now it feels like we can relax.

Oh yes, and there is the small matter of the wonderful pre wedding break I’ve just returned from.

I spent the most amazing week at Kaliyoga – a super relaxing yoga retreat in the mountains of the Alpujarras region, close to Granada.

I slept in a tepee under the stars, ate delicious vegetarian food, trekked to a Buddhist monastery and even tried acupuncture for the first time.

I’ve come back feeling like a new person – like you could throw anything at me right now and it would just bounce off.

And before you ask, I haven’t been paid to write this or given any freebees – this is 100 per cent my own honest opinion.

Much as I can’t wait to get married to J it was nice to have some “space” for a week and just do whatever I wanted.

It’s not that he’s high maintenance or anything, but when you’re part of a couple there is always going to be some compromise on what you do, when you eat, when you go to bed etc.

But last week my time was completely my own.

And I met so many interesting people from all walks of life – Alicia the Spaniard living in Zurich with her South African boyfriend, Veronica the deputy head teacher, Christine the salad buyer, Bob the Glaswegian GP, Kara the Kiwi sports industry professional…

I chewed all their ears off about my wedding as we sat around the pool – and they all seemed genuinely interested.

I really delighted in telling people who I’d never met about what it’s like getting married to a Spaniard in Spain. It wasn’t until they started asking all kinds of questions that I realised how special and different our wedding will be.

I suppose everyone thinks that about their own wedding though, don’t they?

Telling them how we’d sorted everything out made me realise how far we’ve come and just how much work has gone into everything.

Now I’m more excited than ever about getting married. Roll on the stress, if that’s what’s to come. I cannot wait to be Señora de Borrachero!

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  1. Bethany Laing

    I am so excited for you sweetheart, you will be the most beautiful Bride and Groom ever. The two of you really are the fairytale xx

    • Kalyani Sandrapragas

      Was lovely to meet you Katherine. .. Glad you had a good time with us….Wishing you all the very best… and enjoy your very special day. LOve Kalyani xx

    • Kalyani Sandrapragas

      Was lovely to meet you Katherine. .. Glad you had a good time with us….Wishing you all the very best… and enjoy your very special day. And thank you for shraing your story and photos : ) LOve Kalyani xx

  2. Amazing blog!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! You have the most worderfull way of telling stories!! Looking forward to the next post!!

  3. Katherine Robinson

    You are so sweet Bethany – thanks for your kind words! I am very happy indeed :) xxxx

  4. Good luck for the wedding. May the yogi force be with you! Still trying to stay zen now back in London but its not as easy as it was at Kaliyoga that’s for sure! x

    • Katherine Robinson

      Kara, tell me about it. Having spiralina at 7.00am in my kitchen in Madrid then doing yoga in my living room next to the sofa is not the same! xxx

  5. I did this all 5 years ago with a Spaniard and from the US. The papeleo from a non EU country is so much worse I think…I had to sneak into the office of a funcionario one day behind the back of his supervisor (seriously) to get a paper we needed. I told him I’d give him our firstborn if he would just give me the photocopy, which he did. Anyway, it’s been fun to read your story and I hope you have a lovely day (ours was…in a palace in Granada…but until 7 days before the fixed date, we didn’t know it we’d have all the paperwork done!). Good luck.

    • Katherine Robinson

      Hi Pamela, thanks for your kind words. And congrats on being married for five years. Your experience sounds really stressful – gald you got it sorted! x

  6. What a kind place, I want to there so much!Thanks for your post!

  7. Hi Katherine,

    Congratulations on your wedding!! I have a question to purely and simply pick your brains! How did you resolve the language barrier on your big day?? Noone in my family speaks English and noone in my boyfriends family speaks English but we want them all to feel part of it…buff it’s a headache! If you have any tips I would be so grateful. Thanks!xx

    • I meant noone in my family speaks Spanish!

      • Katherine Robinson

        Hi Kat, I get you. It’s a tricky one, isn’t it. Do you have anyone you know who speaks fluent Spanish and English? They could help for translating key parts.

        We had the mass in Spanish as the priest didn’t speak any English. But all the Brits didn’t mind – they said they could kind of get a feel for what was going on, and it made the whole thing more ‘authentic’. We just had pleanty of music (strings and a soprano) to divide it up and stop people getting bored.

        My sister in law Alicia did a reading in Spanish, and she also explained a bit in english about what she was going to say and what the priest had said at the introduction of the mass. (but we didn’t bother getting a word for word translation of her reading or the mass as itr would have made the thing too long)

        My brother in law Ben did a readin in English. then when it came to the vows J said his in Spanish and I said mine in English. it worked really well.

        The speeches were mainly in English (as none of the spanish people wanted to do one!) But J did half of his in Spanish and the best men did half and half.

        I hope that helps. as I say, it’ll really help if you have bi-lingual friends or family. if not you could look at getting a translator?

        Good luck with it all. xxx

        • Katherine Robinson

          Ah I’ve just re-read your post properly and you’ve said you’ve got no bi-lingual familymembers. Hope you have some friends that might be able to help!

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