An invitation to rain

It’s going to rain on my wedding.

That’s what I’ve been told anyway. Not by a weather expert, not even by a spiteful ex (though I’m sure I don’t have any.) No, I was given this lovely prediction by the lady who’s making my wedding invitations.

Honestly, you should have seen my jaw hit the floor.

rain-blog-story.jpgIt was the second time I’d visited the cosy little stationary shop with Linda. After looking through countless folders of invitations which more or less looked the same to me, we had decided on a lovely card with hand-written calligraphy in dark green.

We’d rejected having a border though, as the effect reminded Linda of the sort of cards that people used to send round in Spain informing of a death in the family. I certainly don’t want anyone to be thinking of funerals when they get the invitation.

So we’d got onto the part of instructing the shop owner what we wanted written on the cards – half of which are being done in English, the other half in Spanish.

When it came to telling her the wedding date – September 17, she started to tut.

“Oh dear, there’ll be bad weather that weekend,” she said peering sternly over the rim of her glasses.

“Oh really?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yes,” she informed us. “the first two weeks of September are always good. Then the weather gets bad. It’ll probably rain.”

I just sat there with my mouth flapping like a frog trying to catch flies. Linda, however, didn’t miss a beat.

“Well, we can’t change it now,” she answered back. “We shall just have to get ourselves some beautiful white umbrellas. Problem solved.”

I didn’t know whether to be amused or annoyed. You’re not supposed to say things like to brides, are you? I thought you should tell them everything will be perfect and that it’s going to be the most gorgeous and perfect day ever, with brilliant sunshine and birds singing and flowers in full bloom and stuff like that?

But rain? And this lady works in the wedding industry for Pete’s sake. Surely she should be thinking about what’s good for business before opening her mouth. If I’d been a sensitive-type-tantrum-throwing bride I could have stormed out of the shop saying I would take my business elsewhere. That would have showed her.

“Take no notice of her,” said Linda after we left. “That’s the kind of thing my mother-in-law probably would have said to me. She’s just blunt, that’s all.

“The main thing is she does her job well – she’ll make you some lovely invitations.”

And she was right, but the whole thing got me thinking. What if it does actually rain. Sure, I live in Spain, but that doesn’t 100 per cent guarantee me beautiful sunshine. In my mind’s eye I see myself skipping down the (sunshine-lit) road with J, hand in hand from the church to the reception venue. But what if I have to dodge puddles on the way?

Maybe we should order some of those beautiful white umbrellas. Just to be on the safe side.

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  1. I ordered white umbrellas in the shape of the old fashioned parasols for my wedding day (January in the UK!) and we had the most beautiful sunny day imaginable – I then lent my parasols to more weddings and each time they have had sunshine – my advice…buy some and you will get sunshine, and if it is too hot they can be used as parasols. If it does rain, they will look pretty in the photos.
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you too!

  2. Let me tell you something. I got married in Valencia, on september,the 15th (ten years ago) and we had an incredible day, the warmest of the summer. It was terrific! So, don’t worry, you know Spanish weather is quite good, so be sure you’ll have a fantastic wedding. Congratulations from Spain!!!

  3. Hi Katherine, am loving your blog and can’t wait to see pictures from the big day! I loved Spain having lived there for short while ten years ago and remember September still being very warm and sunny so fingers crossed for you and it doesnt rain on the day! If you do want a back up plan, very happy to send you one of our white heart umbrellas with my compliments! ;-) Let me know. Sangeeta xxx

  4. Katherine Robinson

    Girls, thank you so much for your comments, I feel much better!
    Jo – they sound like the ultimate good luck charm, you should start charging for them!
    Clara – Contratulations on almost reaching your ten-year anniversary! Hope we have the same weather as you.
    Sangeeta – so glad you like my blog, and thanks so much for your kind offer. I checked out the umbrellas on your site and they’re lovely. I would love one!

  5. I have loved reading your blog- I too am getting married in Madrid in September. I am from Glasgow and my fiancé is from Madrid and we are marrying in San Pedro el Viejo then partying in Hotel Emperador on the Gran Via. I am finding organising a bi-cultural (as you put it) wedding quite difficult to balance and reading someone else going through the same thing is very interesting! Good luck with the rest of your “preparativos”.

  6. Katherine Robinson

    Hi Sarah,
    So glad you like my blog – and glad I’m not the only one finding it a bit difficult! we’ll get there in the end, eh? San Pedro el Viejo – wow! What a beautiful place to have the ceremony. your photos will look amazing. Here’s hoping for sunshine for both of us! xxx

  7. Hi, I’m Spanish although now I live in the States. There’re a very funny tradition in Madrid. If you want to have “good weather the day of your wedding you must take a dozen of eggs to Santa Clara’s Monastery”. The tradition says that the Nuns pray for your happy marriage and a good weather too!!!

  8. Katherine Robinson

    Hi Arancha, wow – I didn’t know that. I think i’ll deffo have to be taking some eggs to the nuns. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Hi!

    The tradition of “llevar huevos a Santa Clara” for brides is a well-known one, indeed :) In my case, marrying in Galicia I made sure there was a plan B for each moment of the wedding in case the weather would be bad… in August! It is good to be prepared, for sure for your peace of mind, but I hope that on your wedding the weather turns to be like in ours, a 30 degree sunny day! Luckily, there was also plenty of shade and airco during the meal.

  10. Katherine Robinson

    Hi again Paula – I will deffo be taking some eggs to the nuns. Glad the weather was good for your big day. 30 degrees? wow. Think the Brits would struggle with that kind of heat! x

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