I just don’t have 200 people to invite!

Is there anyone who doesn’t like looking at wedding venues? I think it’s just magic. You walk round imagining yourself there with a wine glass in your hand, being congratulated and applauded by everyone.

Twirling around the dance floor gracefully to your first dance. And then maybe later, doing the drunken shuffle in front of the DJ booth. Can you see yourself tying the knot here? Is this The One?

Mind you, maybe I’ll get less enthusiastic as time goes on, it was only the first. Then again, I never got sick of flat hunting in London. (is that the same?) And I moved house at least seven times.

blog.jpgAt the weekend me and J stopped off at a beautiful venue which on the internet looked very promising. It was close to Madrid (which would be great for all the people coming from England). It also had 17 hotel rooms adjoining it, and had a church next door, meaning people could just walk to the wedding breakfast. It also had a nightclub area meaning we could party the night away (at an extra cost after the initial four hours were up)

It was a converted convent too, so it looked amazing – and would do in the wedding photos.

So far so good, but the problems started when we sat down to talk about dates. We had estimated that if we went for a September wedding, we should have more chance of actually getting a date we wanted.

But when we told this to the lady showing us around, she pulled a funny face and told us September was “high season”. If we wanted to get married on a Saturday they would ask us to guarantee having at least 200 guests. Really? But I don’t even know 200 people! Well I do, but we really don’t want our guest list to top 100. We want to celebrate our big day with our close friends. And we want to be able to talk to them all.

I can understand that the venue is really popular, and asking for a certain number of people to maximize profits may be standard practice, but from that point on I started to lose interest.

Booking for a Friday should be OK, she informed us – if we were interested she could talk to her supervisor and see if it would be possible. Even then we wouldn’t be guaranteed to be able to make the booking. Things were busy – she even had a 350 person wedding scheduled for December!

We left thinking maybe this one wasn’t going to work out for us. I really had my heart set on getting married on a Saturday (a Friday wedding will cause problems for the non-Madrid dwellers). When I got home and relayed all this to Linda, she said: “Well, forget it. You want to get married on a Saturday, so don’t take no for an answer. Plenty more places out there.”

She’s right. Plus there’s the fact that two of J’s friends have got married in the same place. Somehow it wouldn’t feel like we were doing our own thing.

So the search goes on, and at least now we have some venue experience to draw on.

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  1. I love reading this. It makes me laugh out loud taking me back to the days of planning my own wedding. A friend of mine told me the same thing, that the most she ever fought with her husband is when they were planning the wedding. dont worry, dave and i barely fought. if you need any help, please ask! although i am sure its harder doing this in spain?!!

  2. Katherine Robinson

    Hi Kirsten, I’m so glad you emjoyed reading it – and nice to know that you didn’t see a rise in arguements during the planning process! I have promised myself that I’m going to enjoy planning my wedding, and not get stressed about it! Will deffo give you a shout if I need any advice, thanks for the offer! xxx

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