The show is finally on the road (kind of)

Sometimes the thinking about starting a tricky task is actually worse than doing it. It was true of maths homework and, as I’ve now discovered, it’s true of planning a wedding.

The being in the ‘just enjoying being engaged’ stage is fantastic. The congratulations, the drinking champagne, the daydreaming…

blog-story.jpgBut the longer you stay in it, the bigger this small part of you that thinks ‘oh my god, I really should get off my behind and start planning’ grows. Till one day it becomes a monster that’s throttling you, and the only thing you can do to shut it up is go out and buy a bridal magazine.

Or should I say “try to buy a bridal magazine?” Every shop I’ve been into doesn’t seem to have any. I don’t know if it’s because they’re so popular here in Spain that they immediately sell out or because the shops I’m going to are particularly rubbish. Whatever the reason I didn’t have any luck, until my mother-in-law Linda turned up with not one, but two.

Oh and a Pronovias catalogue. (novia means bride – it’s probably the biggest bridalwear shop here in Spain)

So now at least I’m able to look at dresses and work out what I want (something simple, classic, maybe on the vintage side). And, more so – what I don’t want (Something big, fussy or in any shape of form which resembles a meringue).

And I have a starting point for the most important thing – the venue. Now all we have to do is pick up the phone and make some appointments

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  1. congratulations, katherine, on your engagement! i think i will follow this blog with great interest as my daughter’s name is also katherine robinson (she’s 15) and i LOVE a good wedding!
    have fun planning!

  2. Katherine Robinson

    Hi Diane, welcome to my blog – glad you’ll be following. What a coincidence your daughter and I share the same name. I’m sure you’ll have a few years yet before you’re helping her with planning her wedding though!

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