February, 2014

Feb 14

And the Oscar for the best freebie goes to……………..

It is Oscar time and we are getting excited in the office about seeing the dresses and the diamonds and the men in black tie!  However, the Oscars is also about the goodie bags (but sadly not for us non-celebs!).  Oscar nominees this year will be receiving a massive $80,000 worth of ‘stuff’ including a trip to Las Vegas, a tour of Japan, charitable donations and even $250 worth of maple syrup!!!

It feels a bit unfair.  I mean these guys earn millions for every movie they make so they don’t actually NEED free stuff but everyone loves a freebie so who can really blame them?

However, if you aren’t one of the Hollywood elite you can still get the free perks of the A-list. Check this out:

  1. Instead of getting FREE sessions with an LA Hollywood trainer, go online and do a fitness class. There are LOADS on YouTube like yoga and pilates and Gym Cube and Sleek Technique offer some really cool classes that you can follow along with online.  If you have a look then you can ALWAYS find free trial offers too.  You can also usually get a FREE day pass to most big gym chains. Check out www.letssavesomemoney.com/1-minute-guide-to-fitness-for-less to find your nearest participating gym
  2. Rather than employ the services of a hairdresser to the stars, phone up your local hairdresser or beauty salon and ask whether they have any appointments for free – junior stylists and beauty therapists often want someone to practice on so you could be pampered for nothing (you just need a little bit of trust!).  Salon Guinea Pig is a fun website that matches you with a FREE salon or hairdresser in your local area too. Easy!
  3. You might not get the $100 face cream but you can make face packs or body scrubs from the contents of your store cupboard – honey, avocado, sea salt, oats and olive oil are all GREAT ingredients for pampering products
  4. You might be surprised what people are prepared to give away for free. Check out freecycle or freegle to see if there is something that takes your fancy. We even found a  piano last week – now that’s what I call a freebie!
  5. If you want to do your bit for charity (without someone giving you $6,000 to hand over to a charity of your choice), why not donate to Oxfam and claim Nectar points at the same time with the Tag a Bag scheme where you get 2 points for every £1. What a great excuse to get rid of your old clothes and feel good about yourself too!


Every Friday on my own site I publish my pick of the web’s best free stuff including in the last month free champagne, free meals, free motorbike rides, free massages and free books.  Have a look and see what Oscar worthy freebies you can claim too!  www.letssavesomemoney.com/freebies

Feb 14

Valentine’s gifts for FREE

place setting for Valentine's day


Kim Kardashian has been sharing her thoughts on  Valentine’s Day and is thinking very much along the  same lines as us here at LetsSaveSomeMoney.com.  It  is NOT about how much you spend but WHO you  spend it with.  It really is the thought that counts and  taking the time to come up with a personal gift for  your loved one will make him or her feel truly  special!


First thing’s first, the Valentine’s card.  O2 says that  fewer people are sending cards these days and are  turning to text messages to share the love instead!  In  fact 11 million MORE texts were sent on Valentine’s  Day last year than a normal day in February – wow!    BUT actually 85% of women would prefer a card to a  text and making your own would be a sure fire  winner!  Come on, you know you can be creative!


As for gifts, roses, chocolates and champagne are all  great (and we have listed the BEST places to buy them  in a 1 minute guide to romantic gifts on my website).    However, here are pick of top free gifts (and  guaranteed tear jerkers too!)


  • How about a pack of special playing cards with 52 of  the reasons why you love them stuck on the back of  each card?  Aaaaah!  You can make your own or even  get a custom made set  at personalisedplayingcards.com (LOOK, I have an  exclusive discount code too!  Use the code 10off4U at  checkout for a 10% discount).  You can even put  pictures on them!
  •  How about that old romantic favourite the mixtape?   Use iTunes or sign up for a free trial at Spotify and put  together a selection of songs that mean something to  you both.  The song that played on your first date, the  tune you heard when he proposed, music from your wedding…..anything that shows you have thought about it will be a winner!
  • Make a scrapbook or collage full of memories – a ticket stub from the cinema, a postcard from your first holiday…… or how about a photobook charting the happy times in your relationship?  You can do it yourself with a printer and some glue but there are actually LOADS of websites who can help you and Tesco photo have 60% off with photo books from £6 and you should check out Photobox and Snapfish too
  • Romantic night in?  Grab a meal deal from the supermarket (one with booze as this is what gives you the real value) and have a FREE month’s trial on Netflix watching slushy movies.  Pretty Woman, Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice……the choice is yours (or hers!!)
  • Cut your costs by having a £5 challenge with your partner. Buy each other the best (or silliest) gift possible for £5 (or £1 or 50p – depends how flush you feel!).  We have also found some exceptionally cute heart shaped post-its at Wilkos for just 35p for you to write love notes on to your partner or even some saucy IOUs!! Ooh la la!

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