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If, like the team here, you are glued to The Jump (with Hello’s very own Laura Hamilton who is looking absolutely fabulous 9 weeks post-baby!!) then you may have the taste for some adrenaline fuelled winter sports!  Around 1.2 million Brits head off to the slopes EVERY YEAR.  Half term is a really popular time for people to head off to The Alps and take their little ones skiing or snowboarding (and to get them to breathe in the glacier air!  Ha ha!)  BUT for every 1000 people who head off on the piste, between 2 and 4 will require medical attention!  It is SO important to protect you and your family with the RIGHT winter sports travel insurance.  Adding winter sports WILL increase your premium, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

When searching for the best travel insurance for winter sports, here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

What activities will you be doing?

Most travel insurance policies will cover you for skiing, snowboarding and snow blading but if you plan on dog sledding, tubing and tobogganing (or even risking something as death-defying as the gang on Channel 4 did last night doing Skeleton) then you may need extra cover

Who is going?

If you are off with the whole family, then look for an insurer who will give you a good deal on a family policy like Holidaysafe or compare deals on a comparison site

Will you be going off-piste?

Check your policy wording as some policies will automatically cover you for going off-piste but many insist on ONLY covering you if you ski with a guide

Will you be racing?

If you or your kids are having tuition or joining a ski school, you might be encourage to join in with some fun races.  However, some policies won’t pay out if you race so be careful!

Are you taking your own equipment?

If you plan on taking any of your own ski or snowboard equipment, from boots and helmet through to your own board or skis then check that your single item limit is high enough.

Will you be hiring anything?

Check that any hire agreements offer insurance if any hired equipment gets lost or stolen

Are you in Europe?

You should ALWAYS carry an EHIC card with you if you are in Europe as it will give you free treatment in state hospitals.  HOWEVER, it should NEVER replace winter sports insurance.  If you are going further afield to the USA, you might find that premiums rocket, however you can STILL get competitive insurance.

For more information, read my 1-minute guide to travel insurance…….

On and remember, if you are lucky enough to be gearing up for a trip to the slopes, remember the golden rule about travel money too, NEVER EVER leave it to the last minute as it WILL cost you a fortune.  Be prepared and buy it in advance from somewhere like the Post Office or get a prepaid card from FairFX or myTravelCash or use the RIGHT credit card that won’t charge you fees like Halifax Clarity.

Be prepared and you’ll have an awesome time!  Happy skiing (oh and good luck Laura!!!)

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