Stoptober savings when you quit smoking

October marks the start of Stoptober when the NHS has a big campaign to help stop people smoking.  Today, a fifth of all Britons smoke.  This is DESPITE the health warnings plastered all over fag packets and the common knowledge that smoking is an EXPENSIVE habit to have.  It causes cancer, lung disease and heart disease and reduces fertility considerably, yet millions of people all over the UK continue to smoke. I am lucky that smoking has never really appealed to me, which means I am in the fortunate position of not understanding how truly hard it is to give up. However, I have LOADS of friends who are struggling to stop and who just can’t find that extra bit of willpower. When I chat to them though, I have found the one thing that does make them sit up and listen is when I talk them through in detail the HUGE pressure it is putting on their wallets!


  • A 20 a day smoker will spend around £50,000 feeding their habit over the next 20 years!  That is enough for a brand new sports car!
  • If that smoker INVESTED the money into a simple low-risk cash ISA, that 50K would have become £70,000 after 20 years!  BIG MONEY indeed!
  • On top of that, friends who pay into life insurance policies or pay monthly for mortgage protection are actually DOUBLING their premiums by continuing to smoke.
  • Even a casual’ packet a weekend’ type of smoker could quit and SAVE enough after a year to treat their other half to dinner and a stay in a top hotel.  That’s got to be worth considering surely?!
  • It costs OVER £100 a month to smoke 10 fags a day.  This money could go into an ISA and EARN OVER £4,000 in just 3 years!

It is definitely food for thought.

Calculating the cost of smoking

There are LOADS of things out there to help you stop smoking like nicotine replacement therapy (patches and gum), workshops (Allen Carr is GREAT and you can even pay using Tesco Clubcard points) and through willpower and support from the Stoptober campaign. LOADS of celebs have been tweeting about joining Stoptober so if you are giving up, you are not alone!  Good luck to anyone quitting – AND REMEMBER, YOU CAN DO IT!!

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