September, 2013

Sep 13

Is the Bank of Mum and Dad a thing of the past?

Financial company AXA released their Big Money Index last week revealing that parents are worried they won’t be able to provide for their children’s future.  I was really sad to read that more than four in ten people would feel like they’d let their children down if they couldn’t help them out financially. We are putting SO much pressure on ourselves.

As a mother to four young children, I too am thinking about the ways that I hope to be able to help them out as they get older.  University, cars, houses…….the list is endless.  As a young adult, my parents helped me out and I have always wanted to be in a position to do the same for the next generation.

Piggy Bank for College

However, this isn’t the eighties anymore and people just don’t have as much cash in their pockets.  I think the Bank of Mum and Dad is sadly going to become more of a luxury and less of a foregone conclusion unless people can find a way to increase their savings.

I know it sounds SO BORING but when it comes to planning for the future, you really are never too young to start saving. The earlier you start, the longer your money has got to grow.  If you start saving at age 40, you would need to put aside £290 a month to get a pension of £10,000 at age 68. However, if you started at 30, you’d only need to save £149 a month to get the same figure.

But PLEASE don’t despair, I am ending on a high!! There are LOADS of ways to save like ISAs, savings accounts, premium bonds and even peer-to-peer lending where you lend out your money and get it back with interest much higher than most savings accounts (trust me, it is pretty good!). If you have ANY spare cash, then you need to get it put away TODAY! It’ll be worth it in the long run.

Sep 13

Keeping fit and losing weight

With my kids back to school I have been able to reflect on the summer holidays and can honestly say that I have had a GREAT summer break! We spent a glorious few weeks in Barbados and were then lucky enough to head off to France for a week to see my dad, who has a place there. It was amazing, we BBQ’d, I have chilled out, basked in the sunshine and spent time with my gorgeous family, which even during the sibling arguments has somehow been blissful! However, I have a confession.  My name is Sarah and I have overindulged this summer!

Mmmmm, a lovely summer BBQ

Mmmmm, a lovely summer BBQ

Before the hols I was working out a lot as we did a not too shabby 12 mile assault course race called Tough Mudder in June! It meant I was training before work and really eating healthily so by early July I was definitely at my fighting weight and really happy with how I looked and felt. However, I have taken a break over the summer but am now keen to get back into the training and weight loss regime as soon as I can. It is my September resolution – I have decided that September is the new January! I am all about detox and getting fit again.

THIS is what I had to get fit for!

THIS is what I had to get fit for!

I am pretty lucky as when I decide to get fit The Dane usually joins me so we can eat healthily together and spur each other on.  It makes a big difference to do something with a buddy and I have friends who swear by Weight Watchers (as you can join with a friend and split the cost).

There are actually LOADS of cheap ways to keep fit like free YouTube classes in yoga or aerobics and being able to do classes online is a MASSIVE help if you are a busy working mum too. I have a friend who runs Sleek Technique which is a fantastic and fun ballet based exercise class online – think Black Swan!

It has been a LONG summer so now it is time to take control of my fitness again. I’ll let you know how I get on!

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