July, 2013

Jul 13

Royal memorabilia and the royal baby

I love babies! I have had four of my own and now, like the rest of the world, I am going royal baby mad! Apparently we will collectively spend a massive £243 million in celebration when the baby is born. WOW, that’s a lot of money! So what are we going to spend it all on? Well, I know a few people already planning royal baby BBQs, and sales of celebratory fizz will no doubt go through the roof! However, we are expected to plough the majority of our hard-earned cash into memorabilia. There are already chocolates, children’s books, mugs, plates and tableware and, when we know whether it is a Prince or a Princess, there will no doubt be even more pink and blue goodies for us to choose from!


Despite my excitement at the royal baby, I am starting to wonder whether this merchandise has more than just a sentimental value. Am I actually buying all this tat as an investment? I have been having a look on eBay to see just how much this kind of commemorative stuff makes a few years down the line and asking myself whether I should be buying up everything I can get my hands on to make some sneaky pocket money in the future.


After a few hours trawling the internet I am still not really sure whether my collection of William and Kate wedding tea towels and Golden Jubilee scarves are actually worth the room in my drawers. Even a Prince William Royal Grafton birth vase is only selling for £14 with a beautiful Prince William silver birth spoon only fetching £4. Although some of the rarer Diana bits are still making big bucks, I think these things are only really worth something years and years later.


The major money seems to be in music and film memorabilia. A used 1991 Nirvana concert ticket made over £100 today and a signed Al Pacino poster is going for £250. Sports stuff can also be pretty valuable with a mini rugby ball signed by Martin Johnson is fetching around £89 and a genuine 2012 Olympic Torch is still expected to fetch over £4,000! Royal goods just don’t seem to have the same level of interest that you get from cult films or celebs.

But don’t fear, although royal memorabilia might not make you a millionaire, there are LOADS of better things to spend your money on to celebrate the royal birth. Why not buy a pretty tea dress in the sale at Boden to wear at a royal-themed garden party. Their resale value can be MASSIVE (someone in the office has sold two recently for more than she paid for them). Instead you might decide to splash out on a feathered fascinator à la Duchess of Cambridge – very stylish and easy to rent out afterwards using a site like zilok. With the chance to make money from your fashionable purchases, you now have the perfect excuse for shopping!

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