September, 2012

Sep 12

My last-minute hen do

My wedding is so soon that the preparations have gone into overdrive. I’m beyond exhausted. No-one told me that  weddings were THIS stressful! I was so tired that last night I passed out at 7.30 pm when Astala fell asleep. I didn’t wake up until he did at 6am the next day – and I still feel like a zombie.

 Weddings are such an archaic institution – everything in our culture seems to be about movement and progression, yet weddings are still stuck in the past. It’s all so old-fashioned, the wedding dress, the cake cutting- these traditions are hundreds of years old. Perhaps that’s why there’s so much pressure on the bride, groom and their family to make the day perfect, and so much expectation from the guests for it to be the event of a lifetime. I’m glad the look of our wedding is pared down, vintage-y and relaxed, nothing too ‘overdone’. It’s always really awkward and forced when weddings are too over the top, and the ridiculous spectacle that is so unlike the couple is always massively embarrassing and forced.

One of my biggest pet hates is when you got to a wedding and there’s a seating plan. The hosts sit next to you people they assume you’ll get along with, like a weird matchmaking process. Inevitably, they’re always almost massively wrong, and you have to spend the next few hours sat next to the most annoying or boring person you’ve ever encountered. For this reason, for the wedding lunch Tom and I sat our friends with our friends. That way everyone is happy and gets a nice catch-up with the people they love and are comfortable with. I didn’t realise though, how political the seating process is. There’s the issue of not seating people near their exes, enemies… thus why the process of sorting it was such an arduous task!

My hen do was two nights ago. It was so last minute I genuinely didn’t think it was going to happen. However, the bridesmaids pulled it out of the bag last minute. I thought it was going to be a big night out, which I was totally dreading. I’d fallen asleep at 1am the previous night after having to go through the seating plan for four hours. THEN I was woken at 6am by an excited little Grublet wanting to play.

I turned up to the restaurant starving and exhausted, after being on my feet doing wedding stuff all day with baby Astala in tow. I was so excited for a great meal, but it turned out the restaurant was a sushi one. I absolutely HATE sushi! I ate so much sushi four years ago and now I can’t stand the sight of it. I ended up ordering something not on the menu, and the chef was kind enough to make me a lovely noodle dish. I was slightly annoyed with the bridesmaid who’d organised it for going down the surprise route (who has heard of a surprise hen do? So weird!) and not knowing what food I’d like.

I had to play several embarrassing games such as “pin the tail on the naked man poster” and a card game which involved me answering several… ahem… ‘intimate’ questions about Tom. My future sister-in-law was there, so I was left red faced and squirming!

It was so nice to catch up with my sister Pixie and my best friends though. I don’t really get to see everyone as much as I used to as I am so busy being a good mum to Astala.

I ended up leaving the hen at 11pm, which is pitiful really, but I was to exhausted to go onto the club like everyone else was suggesting. I just about managed to fall asleep in the car until I got home!

The next day I went to Chopard to pick up some absolutely beautiful pieces of jewellery to borrow for my wedding. They are perfect. Then I stopped off by tan maestro James Read at The Sanderson hotel’s spa to get a spray tan, he also does Lady Gaga and Rihanna’s tan so I felt very privileged to be donning those horrendous paper knickers in front of him! I then got my nails manicured by Jenny Longworth, another stylist to the stars, who has done nails for literally everyone.

I got lash extensions done at the famous Lash Bar off Carnaby street, and the beauticians working there looked after Astala during the process and didn’t want to let him go when I had to leave! He was with me all day and didn’t make one peep or cry once, he just smiled at everyone he met and was such a good, sweet little boy. He really is the perfect baby and I am so proud of him.


I had my final dress fittings too yesterday. When I saw it it was absolutely beautiful, I got a little teary eyed which is very unlike me.

Tom and I are beyond excited for the big day, and I have a feeling it’s going to be absolutely perfect.

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