February, 2013

Feb 13

Easy Ways To Reduce Stress


We all have to cope with the stress and strain of modern life. In the last 200 years the world has gone through a rapid period of technological, industrial and societal change, the way human beings live has totally transformed. The problem is our bodies and our brains have hardly changed at all , evolution hasn’t had a chance to catch up with these rapid changes in the way we live our lives. Struggling to cope with the amount of stress we are under, many of us are feeling the pressure and finding it hard to cope. Stress has such a devastating effect on both the mind and the body it is essential that we find effective ways to deal with it. Here are some simple steps that are extremely effective at not just helping people cope with stress but thrive under it.

•    Go to sleep. Make sure you get quality sleep. so many of us sacrifice our sleep and as a result suffer from chronic exhaustion. I recommend that people get at least 8 hours sleep and try and get to sleep by 10. Your body does most of its repair work between 10pm and 2am

•    Eat well. Our body and mind needs quality, fresh and nutritious food to function well . If you make bad food choices then your body and mind are going to under a lot of stress. If you feel your diet needs looking at then consult a nutritionist to help you get back on track.

•    Watch the booze. Drinking over and above the recommended daily intake can lead to anxiety, stress, panic attacks and a whole host of problems. so keep your drinking to a few drinks spread throughout the week.

•    Eliminate people from your life that aren’t good for you. Some of the relationships we tolerate in life are very destructive. If you find you are surrounded by people who don’t care about your happiness who criticise and undermine you, who make your feel worthless and unhappy then its time to do a friend cleanse. You don’t need these people in your life, and if you cant avoid these people then learn to stand up to them.  Don’t be a door mat

•    Breath deeply. Just the simple act of stopping what we are doing and taking a few slow, deep and relaxing breaths can lower our stress levels dramatically. Try it next time you are feeling stressed. Stop what you are doing and just take a few deep breaths.

•    Get organised. Don’t live your life rushing around, flying from one thing to the next. Its a stressful way to live and will eventually take its toll on your health. Plan your day and give yourself plenty of time to get things done.

•    Meditate. Meditation is the best way to deal with stress. It has been proven in countless studies to not only relax us deeply but also cause deep and lasting positive changes to the structure of the brain. And you don’t have to meditate for hours at a time over a period of decades for these changes to happen. Meditate just 20mins a day and within  6 weeks you can completely transform the way you react and respond to stress.

These are just some of the things you can do that will help you to live a more relaxed and peaceful life. Put these things into action and within a month you will see the positive impact they have on your mind, your body, your work, your relationships and just about every other area of your life.

image credit : webmd.com



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