December, 2013

07 December


As we were in the bottom two last week, we want to come back with a bang

Ashley and I are dancing a full-on salsa this week. I’ve made it really tough; I’ve put everything into the routine apart from the kitchen sink!

We’re doing a step that no-one has ever done on Strictly and there are a couple of bits in the routine that could go wrong. Potentially I could smash my head on the floor – but I’m hoping not!  It’s one of the most difficult routines I’ve ever done.




I’ve got bruises everywhere – it’s hard to move. Ashley has got them as well.

Being in the bottom two was hard, but someone has got to be there. It has made us come back fighting and we’ve managed to put in a few more hours of training this week.

It was really sad to see Mark Benton and his partner Iveta go last week. They are both genuinely lovely people – but we’ll get to see them in a couple of weeks when everyone is returning for the final.

James and I haven’t been able to dance in the group routines recently as James has injured his back and has been advised not to dance. He is like a hyperactive little child and he is really finding it hard not to do anything. I am in Liverpool during the week so I only get to see James at weekends – I really miss him.

Thanks for all your support last week and comments on my outfit. I quite liked wearing the dark wig. I used to have black hair when I was younger so it was nice to go back to it for a while. I wasn’t told what I’m wearing in advance of this weekend – but I know it’s a short little sexy number!

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