I’m the monster in our special Halloween dance

Poor Artem had his nose accidentally broken by Natalie in rehearsals last week. It happens to us all – I did the same to James last year.

I’m actually covered in bruises because Ashley keeps kicking me all the time! His knees keep knocking into my knees when we dance, so they are covered in bruises. But it is all part of the job!




We’re dancing a tango to Ne-Yo’s Beautiful Monster this week – and I’m going to be the monster.

I can’t wait to get my hair and make-up done by our amazing team. I’m hoping for coloured contact lenses.




We’ve got a celebrity group dance as well as a professional group dance this week, so there’s a lot to remember.

We rehearsed all our professional group dances back in August, so then we have a refresher lesson every Monday.




Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we’ll turn up for Friday rehearsals at Elstree studios and can’t remember what we did on a Monday. We just have so much to store in our brains and our priority is always our celebrity dance.

We were all really sad to see Deborah Meaden and Robin Windsor voted off last week. You could see how much Deborah enjoyed every single minute of training and dancing.

It’s always a bittersweet moment – you’re happy to go through, but really sad for them as well.


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