October, 2013

26 October


Peter Andre says he’d love to dance with me on Strictly

Hello everyone

There’s been talk about the male contestants and dancers in Strictly being told not to dance with their tops off or their shirts unbuttoned, but I don’t know where this story came from. It certainly didn’t come from a woman – topless men are part of the Strictly entertainment!

I bumped into Peter Andre this week and we had a chat about Strictly. We were both staying at the same hotel in Liverpool.

Peter loves Strictly and wants to be a part of it. He said he would love to dance with me, but the only thing that stops him is that he is scared of the outfits. I said “You would only wear trousers anyway because we would never put a shirt on you”.





Ashley and I haven’t had as much time to train this week because of his Hollyoaks schedule. We’ve been training for a jive and Ashley said he felt a bit like a Daddy longlegs because he is so tall.

He has such long arms and big feet so it’s quite hard to co-ordinate everything, but we have worked on his arms and footwork. We’ve got a great routine to Johnny B Goode and Ashley gets to use his guitar at the beginning so it’s good fun.





I’ve given him a bit of tough love this week and have tried to push him because the jive is a really high energy dance. He said he has nearly fainted three times. He is 31 but sometimes he acts like he is 40!

I haven’t seen much of my husband James this week as he’s been working on something for Children in Need. I can’t tell you who he was dancing with.

Watch this space!

20 October


Celebrating our 10th anniversary in front of millions of people was pretty special

I was speechless on last week’s show, when James and I were given a wedding cake to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary.

To celebrate in front of millions of people was pretty special. Our anniversary happened during Strictly’s Love Week, which was just a coincidence! We did a wedding dance on the Sunday show and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate.

James and I are hardly spending any time together at the moment, because I’m based in Liverpool when I train with Ashley, but we’re planning to have another celebration when the series is over by going on holiday to Las Vegas.




I was really pleased with how Ashley danced on Saturday. His nerves have got worse every week, though! I need to do something about that – but how do you teach someone not to be nervous?

We’re doing the Viennese Waltz this week and Ashley has fitted his training into a very busy Hollyoaks schedule. One night we started training at 8.30pm and finished at midnight. But he is always so committed. When 10.30pm comes, I can see that he gets tired and can’t take so much in, but he always gives it his best.




We were so sad to see James and Vanessa voted off last week. It’s disappointing when a partnership works and then it has to end. I never thought I’d say this but they were actually very sweet together.

I hope you enjoy our dance this week. Thanks so much for all your support!

05 October


‘We had a baby!’

Oh my God we had a baby! Well, I say “we” but Ashley’s girlfriend had a baby. I feel like I went through it as well, though!

Ashley has done really well with his Strictly training this week, considering. On Tuesday he phoned to say that he couldn’t come into training as his baby was being born. Everyone is healthy and happy and I think he’s glad his baby has arrived as he can concentrate more now. His mind must have been all over the place, but every time he comes into training he gives 100 per cent.




We managed to find time to train this week and we’ve got three lifts in our American Smooth routine. I must admit that I was nervous about the lifts as I didn’t think he would be one of the strongest guys.

I think he has been trying to match James’s muscles. I think there is a bit of competition and he doesn’t want James to know he has been going to the gym!

We are both so glad we got the week one nerves out of the way. To be the first dancers on the first Friday… it was awful. I just got a hot flush, went sweaty and my legs were shaking. This is my eighth series of Strictly and it doesn’t get any easier. You think you’d get used to the nerves but you don’t.

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