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19 August


Being friends with Poppy’s dad…

Poppy, Simon and I went to see the Barbie Mariposa film screening this week. It is rare that we do family activities together as Simon lives and plays football up north, but what a special treat for Poppy to be taken out by mummy and daddy together.

Me, Poppy and Simon

Me, Poppy and Simon

My friends are always wanting Simon and I to get back together but we both know it’s never ever going to happen, I think we are more like brother and sister – we can argue one minute (normally when Simon blames me for the traffic jam we are in) and then the next minute we are laughing our heads off and being silly together. So, whilst we might look like a happy little family, we are in fact just two great friends that happen to have made a baby together, come to think of it thats the definition of a perfect happy family isn’t it?!

I love Simon coming to stay with us, he makes me a cup of tea in the morning (which is a winner!) but most of all I love those moments where I can sit back and watch my daughter play so beautifully with her dad. The moments where she is snuggled up to him on the sofa and the moments where she tries to play us off against each other so she can get her own way. As silly as it sounds it’s those teeny little things that I notice that are special to me. I feel lucky that being friends with Poppy’s dad means I get to share moments like this with the person that loves her just as much as I do.

I love seeing poppy and her dad just hanging out together, Poppy was watching Robin Hood here – please excuse the tattoos all over her legs that don’t seem to want to come off!

Simon with Poppy

Simon with Poppy

One day I’m pretty sure Simon will get himself a girlfriend and, of course, I will be swept away by Prince Charming (laughing at myself now for never learning that fairy tales are not real). Whatever happens I know that it will never change the dynamics of our friendship like it did previously because it’s too important for us to show Poppy that, thanks to her, we will always have a very strong bond. I regret pushing Simon out of my life before, I think I was confused about what was right and wrong whilst being in a relationship. I realise now that there is no ‘wrong’, it should always be OK for us to meet up for dinner or day trips and, as long as the potential new partners are always included and never pushed out, I don’t see it ever being a problem. Lets hope its not!

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