Sacrificing my health over stress

I have been struggling with my health for a while now and I have never been able to put my finger on what’s wrong.  My GP would often tell me that I had IBS, a viral infection or that the aches and pains were down to stress.


I started looking for alternative options for answers.  I felt desperate to get some answers as to why someone with a relatively healthy lifestyle, age and size could be suffering everyday with some kind of complaint that was starting to get me down and make me feel like an old person.


I soon discovered Helen Williams at the From the moment I walked through the door Helen completely understood and sympathized with the complaints I have been living with for a long time unlike my GP who was quick to rush me out of the door.  I understand GPs are under huge pressure to see a lot of patients but being sent away has just made my health worse, whilst all this time I could have been treating the problem.


Helen spent a lot of time asking me about my life from a fairly young age.   She took pages and pages of notes and I could see she was very cleverly piecing everything together.  The biggest factor in my life was stress, even from a very young age.  Eventually this would take its toll on anyone.


I guess the breaking point for me and when I noticed a real difference in my health was during and after a period in my life (in my last relationship) where I was emotionally torn apart until I felt destroyed.




This 18 month period is unquestionably the straw that broke the camels back and after a series of tests with Helen at the Surrey Nurtition Clinic I was diagnosed with Adrenal Dysfunction stage 2/3 with a pregnonline steal.


Sounds complicated doesn’t it?  In layman’s terms my adrenal glands are not producing enough of the human survival hormone (Cortisol).  Without Cortisol we cannot survive. The low levels of Cortisol my adrenals are producing is what has been making me feel so ill.


The lack of this hormone in my body means that my body is stealing hormones from another crucial part of my body in order to produce more Cortisol.


How does this affect me?  Well daily I feel tired, there are points in my day that I am hypoglycemic so my blood sugar level drops signifciantly which means I get dizzy and light headed, I wake up with aches and pains that sometimes mean I struggle to get up, my digestive system is shot to bits, my eye sight has drastically worsened in a short period of time, headaches can be unbearable.  My general un – wellness is draining and whilst I am always trying to be on top form sometimes it gets the better of me effects my emotional wellbeing too.


More drastically if my body is put under stress I can get very ill, a few months ago I even got so bad I ended up in A&E.


So where do I go from here?  Read my next blog to find out the steps I am taking to get my health back again.


If there is any advice I can give from this it is that no amount of stress in your life is worth risking your health and even your life for.  Taking care of yourself is so important.  I hope I can help you with my upcoming blogs with my suggestions on how to lead a healthy lifestyle even if you are super busy like me.




I like to leave on a happy note so despite this hurdle in my life I feel so blessed to be living the dream with Ben.  We recently went to see Wicked at the theatre which I loved, we have just booked a holiday to Egypt in October and we are off to a spa in a few weeks too.  We are spending some really lovely time with the girls too who I feel are really benefiting from playing happy families too.


I feel so protected and loved by Ben, I couldn’t imagine ever not having him in my life now.

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