Summer holiday fun and Poppy’s bond with Ben

As many of you can relate to, summer holidays can be tricky, it’s a busy time of the year but my mission has been to keep things as balanced as possible. I have had a wonderful few weeks as you will see from the photos below.

Meeting Ben’s family was a breeze because they have all been so lovely. Last week we took a trip down to Deal in Kent which Poppy LOVED. Ben’s dad has a collection of vintage cars and motorbikes – Oh and one very special Harley Davidson. I never thought this type of stuff would interest me but I loved learning about Ben’s dad’s toys and Poppy did too.

I love this photo because with no prompting we all posed like this – Cheeeeeese!


Whilst we were in Deal I realised and appreciated more than ever the bond that Poppy has made with Ben.  She adores him and even tells her friends that Ben is her best friend.  It means so much to me that Poppy has taken to Ben the way she has as I know Ben is here to stay, and what lucky girls we both are to have someone so fun and loving in our lives.


After our weekend in Deal it was time to meet one of Ben’s best friends Rich and his wife Jess.  Rich made the best roast dinner I have ever had in my life (sorry mum), I am hoping now I have given him a credit he might invite us back again ASAP.  What I loved most about our afternoon with Rich and Jess was seeing how loved up they were.  Rich talks to Jess like she is his little princess and there is no question of a doubt she adores him.


I have to say that since being with Ben I have realised exactly what the dynamics of a relationship should be like. You think you know already but until it happens you don’t really. Ben tells me I’m precious and he wants to keep me safe and love me forever.  I don’t think anyone has ever said those words to me.  I know it’s sickening but I literally love every teeny weeny thing about him, he makes my belly hurt  with laughter most days because he is so nuts.  So here are the dynamics…we both love each other so much.  There are no games, no upper hands and no under the thumb treatment going on, there is complete and utter trust and unlimited respect.  Seems obvious doesn’t it but its taken me 32 years to find this.

Ok love rant over.  I also went out for a lovely meal with my amazing friends Laura Hamilton, Kim Tiddy and Ellie Crissell, I love these girls so much I just wish I got to see them more.  I cherish the moments we share and this was one of them.


Lastly Poppy and I spent a really lovely day with my neice Evie and nephew George.  George took Poppy for a ride on his snap dragon (electric wheel chair) and Poppy made me so proud dividing her time between George and Evie who love her very much and both want a piece of the Poppy action.  Poppy adores her cousins too and you can tell she feels like the responsible big cousin with them.


I love the way George is part of this little gang walking down the road.  It is so beautiful that they see George, the little boy, and not his wheelchair.  Even Poppy’s friend Lily who came with us for the day didn’t batter an eyelid and played with him like she would any other child.  It’s just wonderful how children are born so beautifully innocent.


I hope you have all had a lovely week.

Nicola x




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