A pretty special place to be in

Two weeks ago my Nan was admitted to hospital and taken to intensive care. Doctors called in the family to say goodbye to her, but I was convinced she would pull through even in these darkest hours. My Mum and Dad both said to me “Nicky I think you need to prepare yourself for this”. I even got cross with them for saying it…Stop trying to prepare me for something negative because I am busy focusing on a positive outcome here – just stop it!!! I do not cope very well with negativity so without physically putting my hands over my ears, this is essentially what I was doing. I didn’t want to hear it. Despite the fact that my Nan was relying on medical assistance to keep her alive I just knew she could do it.


My Nan is a ROCKSTAR!!!!! She shocked doctors and nurses and defeated the odds of getting better. Nanny Snoopy (she had a dog named Snoopy when I was a little girl) is now out of intensive care and is slowly taking steps forward every day towards getting better.


So whilst this is a strange introduction to a blog about my romantic holiday with Ben I would like to dedicate this to my beautiful Nan who WILL see the day that her first grand daughter gets married!

At this point I should tell you that I am not engaged, however I have never felt so sure about anyone in my life. Ben lights up my life in every way and a holiday in Spain for nine days was everything and more I could ever wish for.

Ben and I spent our days chilling out, there was no pressure to do anything other than be totally consumed in each other’s company, which is exactly what we both wanted. I know this is cliché but Ben treats me like a princess and I feel like one. Every evening, I would get ready to go out for dinner and as I walked out on to the terrace where Ben would be waiting for me his face would light up and it makes me melt.


There is no question of doubt that I love Ben, I love him to the moon and the stars and back and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world…but best of all I know he feels the same too. A pretty special place for us to be in.

When you know you know


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