July, 2014

24 July


This week has been a dream!

I can honestly say I have never felt so happy in my life and it’s all because of love. Not just from Ben but from my beautiful little girl, my family and the precious friends that I surround myself with. Life just feels perfect even when it’s not…I have been facing some health issues this year and this week I felt myself getting a bit poorly again, but Ben came to the rescue with a weekend I will never forget! And guess what…I didn’t get ill!!! Wooooohoooooo!!!!

Our day in Brighton was the most romantic day I think I have ever had!! It was completely off the cuff but utter perfection. I don’t want to make out that Ben and I are completely Wet staring into each others eyes all the time because one minute we are gushing with Love and Romance and the next minute he is making me belly laugh like no one else could! We have the best banter I have ever had with anyone. We are the most PERFECT fit!


We also went for a lovely meal in a fish restaurant in Beaconsfield with his brother Simon and his wonderful family.


But the icing on the cake was a day with Ben’s daughter Thea and of course my very own Poppy! I will respectfully keep details brief but what I will say is Thea is a beautifully balanced little girl with a fun and kind nature and is an absolute credit to both of her parents and Poppy adores her.

On Sunday morning Ben and I dressed the girls up in party frocks and took them to do something pretty special. We told them we were going to take them in a magic glass lift to take them for breakfast in the sky and we weren’t lying.


The Duck and Waffle on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower in London  is where we went and it was magical. Not really an obvious destination to take children but if they are as beautifully behaved as the girls were, I can’t see why not.


Last but not least we spent the afternoon at Old Mcdonalds farm in Essex which was great fun…….. even Ben had a few turns on the tractor.


I can’t possibly put into words the love and happiness that I feel now but I think you might have a little idea…

Never ever give up on love because its just around the corner when you least expect it.

N xxx

14 July


Meet Ben

I am so many months behind with my blog that I feel like I need to bring you completely up to speed on the Ben situation. Ben and I are officially boyfriend and girlfriend and it feels wonderful. He is the funniest guy I have ever met and a bit of a lad but on top of this he has a gentle, kind and caring nature that makes me feel like I can trust him with my heart.

Ben will not be a happy boy with me using this picture because he looks grumpy… He really wasn’t grumpy but I think he was caught off guard a bit here.


Apart from being super kind, loving, affectionate, funny and generally wonderful, Ben buys me little gifts all the time which I find so cute. These have varied from a keyring, iphone case, chocolate, a book, perfume to a tooth brush and deodorant for his house (Errrrm was he trying to tell me something?) He is so super thoughtful and I LOVE that. He even cooks the most amazing meals for me too. Have I hit the Jackpot??? Its early days but I hope so.



Poppy’s sports day

What a great week I have had – Poppy absolutely rocked at sports day! Naturally as a parent you would be proud however well your child does in their racebut Poppy-Belle absolutely smashed it and I was bubbling with excitement and trying so hard not to squeal loudly every time she out ran all of the other children. Please don’t think I am being smug but I just feel so proud of my Little munckin.


My proudest moment came when I saw my five-year-old be the most awesome team leader. Another little girl in her team didn’t do so well and poppy rubbed her arm and said well done you were great. Wow! How is my little girl so ridiculously amazing?!!! This little moment was so special to me and this was the reason she got a little present after sports day and not because she was outstanding in every race.

IMG_8148 IMG_8152


Poppy with her best friend Henrietta from school.

To end the sports day naturally Simon and I joined in the parents Sportsday – As you can see Simon took it a little more seriously than I did.

IMG_8147 IMG_8126

02 July


Ben asked me to go back for ‘cuddles’ on date two!

Date two with Ben was way more nerve-racking than date one.  There seemed to be a lot more pressure with this date.   Am I the only girl in the world that not only has first date fears but worse than that first kiss fears?!  What if you have a first kiss and they dribble or open their mouth really wide or  even worse stick their tongue right down your throat!!!! Eeeeeewwww!!!!

Ben had chosen such a cool bar in Shoreditch called Lounge Lovers.   I would highly recommend trying this place out. The décor is uber cool, this is such a great place for dates or a night out with your friends.  The cocktails are amazing  and not over priced!  I was so impressed.  Great choice B!

There are some pictures below but take a look at the website too.

shoreditch1 shoreditch2 shoreditch3 shoreditch4


We seemed to drink a lot of cocktails and didn’t stop giggling.  I was having such a great time and didn’t want it to end however the lights went on and it was closing time…….. how did this happen so fast?  I hadn’t even had my first kiss yet!!!  All of a sudden I felt nervous again…… was my kiss with Ben on the way?  Was he going to be a gentleman and kiss me on the cheek before he puts me in a taxi?  Nope, he did something much better than that!!!!  Ben held my hand and pulled me towards him quite firmly, he gave me the most passionate first kiss, put his hands in my hair and held me pretty tight.  I have a feeling my foot may have left the floor.  Wow!  We kissed for ages and eventually when we stopped and I opened my eyes I realised we had been kissing in the middle of a road!!!  Oooops!!!!

We went to a night club for a few more drinks which was fun but I had definitely  reached that point of not being able to drink any more even though Ben looked like his night had only just begun.  I didn’t want to spoil his fun but for me it was time to go because I was feeling a bit giddy. Ben wasted no time in popping the question “I think you should come back to mine for cuddles”   In fact that wasn’t even a question! We all know what men mean when they say they want cuddles!!!  And if there are any men reading this……… Yes we know!  I declined Bens offer for ‘Cuddles’ but I thought he was very kind to ask me J

FYI – Never got in from a date at 4.30am before!!!

The next day I had my friend’s wedding to go to, it was unreal!  And soooooo much fun!!!  I was the only one there without a boyfriend but I had a sneaky feeling at the next wedding I might actually be taking a plus one!



wedding wedding2 wedding3

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