Making a ‘rockstar princess pumpkin’ with my daughter Poppy


Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely Halloween.

I cannot remember Halloween being such a big deal when I was a little girl but for the new generation of little people it is the thing to do and I have to say I have enjoyed every second of it.





We started off carving our pumpkin a few days ago and Poppy decided the theme for the pumpkin was going to be a ‘princess rock star pumpkin’, how an earth do you do one of those?

I felt under pressure because my neighbour Hannah who has become my friend over the past few months is a super mum and as I took an hour to create my rock star princess pumpkin she had finished three, one for each of her children. I was put to shame!




Halloween arrived and my joke to Poppy in the morning asking her if she saw the witch walk past the window didn’t go down very well so I gave up trying anymore spooky Halloween fun.

Off we went to swimming lessons then Poppy went off with Nanny Tina while I went to work.  I was itching to finish so I could get back for trick or treating.  I was glad to finish so I could paint Poppy’s face.




Honestly I was in my element.  I know it is wrong on many levels but if there is one time that its ok to put eye makeup on my child its when she is dressing up as a pretty witch!  Have I found something I am good at here…  I thought she looked pretty good.

We had a really lovely Halloween and trick or treating was an absolute blast, I was truly amazed at the effort so many people had gone to to make it special for the trick or treaters.  I am excited for next year’s Halloween now and I will most definitely be dressing up too.




I love that the Brits are now making something that was typically known for eggs and flower throwing (when I was growing up) into a really lovely thing to do with the little ones.  Bring on next October!

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