Turning my life around

Two months ago I felt like my life was in the gutter. I was heartbroken after I moved out of Jeff’s house with nowhere to live, I was trying to manage a failing business and be a great mum to Poppy. I felt like an absolute failure to my daughter and to my family who had such high hopes for me. How has this happened to me? Why am I not someone’s everything? How can I be living in my friend’s spare room with my four year old because I simply have no other options? And why is my business failing when I work so hard on it? What a loser!

Well guess what? I’m not a loser I’m human – and I was stuck in a horrible mess that only I could get myself out of. For weeks I felt like there was no hope for me, it didn’t matter how hard I was working to fix it all, I was still getting knocked back down.

After reading every self-help book under the sun I took the pointers I needed and started rebuilding my life again, and I had every reason to. Poppy. This beautiful little girl cannot see my world falling apart, I need to show her the strength and courage I hope she will learn from and use herself one day if she needs too.

So these are a few of the steps I gave myself

Learn to love yourself
Really? Love myself… I have felt unloved for a very long time, so how an earth can I love myself? Der!!!! I had it all wrong, in order to be loved you need to love and respect yourself first. How could I ever expect to get the respect and love I want in my life if I don’t treat myself well. Ok so this doesn’t happen overnight but just knowing this fact is a start and finally I know and believe I am worthy of a lot more than what I have allowed.

Surround yourself with loving, caring and motivating people

These are the people that believe in you no matter what, the people that lift you when your down and keep you grounded when your up.

Piccie of me and Jeff enjoying a fun night out with our friends.

Piccie of me and Jeff enjoying a fun night out with our friends.

Remove The Negative
I had do to this in business, I was very close to entering into a very exciting business partnership which I needed more than anything to take my company to where it needed to go, but the downside was I had a bad feeling about the person I was entering into business with. I was torn between feeling like I needed this person to make my business a success and getting out of it before it was to late. I took a huge risk and pulled out of the deal before it was signed and I have felt nothing but relief since. Phew!

Get a proper job!
Eeeeeek, I have had my own fashion business for a long time so getting a proper job didn’t even enter my head. I realised I needed a stable income and routine in my life. And this was the real turning point for me. I work part-time for a company doing a bit of PR and sales, and this has enabled me to still work on my own company.

Ok so these are just a few of the many steps I have taken and without boring you to tears about everything that happened in-between I began to believe in myself again, my capabilities and I most certainly know my worth now. I have found the most perfect little house for me and Poppy and it seems the few weeks apart from Jeff is exactly what we both needed. So our future is looking exceptionally bright and we are very much in love. There is no question this is the man I want to spend forever with, I am very proud of the steps he has taken to show his love to me. Its so nice to have that “sure” feeling in your tummy and I finally have this about everything. I feel so excited about the future.

The biggest lesson I have learnt from this to never loose belief, if someone knocks you down get back up, trust your intuition and don’t be scared to take a step back in order to take huge steps forward. I haven’t felt this happy in a long long time but it hasn’t come without a tumble here and there. Keep the faith.

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