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25 July


My lovely summer: Work trips, filming and family time!

Hello Everyone!!

I hope you’re all enjoying this amazing weather we are having!

What a gorgeous couple of weeks I’ve had!! I feel like for the first time in a very long time I’ve achieved the famous but almost unattainable work/life balance. A few work trips to London combined with a spot of filming and lots of family time has equalled the most lovely summer.

First and foremost when we last spoke I was heading off to see Keith Lemon as I was due to film an upcoming episode of ITV’s Through the Keyhole, which I did and absolutely loved!! I was always a fan of the original series as I’m a bit of a nosey parker, but I have to say I think the new version is even better as it combines an insight into people’s homes with lots more laughs. If you’re a fan of ITV’s Celebrity Juice then I’m sure you’re already well aware of Keith’s humour and hosting skills and so I was indeed subjected to much mickey taking and innuendo, although I have to say Keith was actually pretty tame, almost gentlemanly on this occasion compared to Jimmy Carr, my fellow panelist along with the lovely Dave Berry, I could hardly breathe for laughing at some of the jokes he aimed me, in fact between keith and all the guests involved I laughed so much my eyes hardly stopped watering throughout the whole 2 1/2 hour shoot. As with all of these things unfortunately I can’t tell you which celebrities were brave enough to let Keith wander freely around their homes but I can say its definitely worth tuning into when it does air mid August, in fact it’s almost educational viewing thanks to one of the fantastic guests. I for one can’t wait to see it!!


I decided to wear a customised version a little red dress from my own collection for filming Through the Keyhole, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to wear my own designs as it means I always feel comfortable, which is such a big thing when your being filmed or photographed.


So that was a bit of work and now onto a bit of life. Whilst sitting in the Emmerdale Village green room a couple of weeks ago, I randomly decided to book a log cabin in the Lake District for the following weekend. I called my best friend Donna to see if her and her husband and their one year old daughter Emily were free to join us and as luck would have it, they were. It turned out to be such a fantastic weekend and our first (hopefully of many) holidays as families. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been best friends with Donna since we were at school and so it was really special for both of us to be living out one of the little daydreams we used to have whilst sitting in registration about what we’d do when we grew up (I use that term very loosely). We went for long walks with the kids, had bbqs, went on a boat on lake Windermere and sat up until the early hours having wine and chats. It was lovely! I think one of the best things was that we had very little phone service and so I personally felt really relaxed as my phone is normally attached to my hand ready for me to receive emails, texts and phone calls and that’s before we even get to the social media side of things. Prior to our little break I’d become a little bit addicted to twitter and Instagram and found myself checking it constantly, and so loosing the ability to access both apps was actually quite freeing and something I’m trying to keep up to, albeit the said nosey parker in me can’t help but sometimes have a sneaky peak, mainly to see what Kim Kardashians been upto this week! Ah we all have our guilty pleasures.



Freddie loved his little trip, and whilst we were there he decided to what has now become the norm, march up and down the lodge decking singing the Grand Old Duke of York as loudly as he possibly could. I think he believed he was defending us from the lions and tigers and bears that were obviously hiding in the woods!


After our lovely little break I headed back to London to do some pick up filming for the episode of Tricked I did with Matthew Wolfenden and to attend the ITV summer party, which was so much fun. It was a beautifully warm night which was fantastic as the event was held outside and it was a great opportunity to catch up with lots of people you meet throughout the year but don’t necessarily get to socialise with. For instance I met the super gorgeous Claire Richards at another event recently and so it was lovely to spend some time with her, especially as we both have young children and so we had lots of mummy talk. Also this time last year we were right in the middle of filming Your Face Sounds Familiar, so it was really nice to see both Matt Johnson and Paddy Mcguiness at the party as we reminisced about the previous year and how much fun we’d had working on the show. I can’t believe its a year ago!! Time goes so fast these days. All in all it was a really fun evening with gorgeous food, drinks and company.


Speaking of time I can’t believe Prince George celebrated his 1st birthday this week! In my mind he was still only a few months old. I feel the same about Freddie as he will be 2 next week. I can’t believe my little baby is nearly 2 already. I’m currently making arrangements for his party, which I’m really looking forward to as I’m hoping my children’s party skills have vastly improved since last year, where I basically ran around like a headless chicken trying to make up for the fact that I’d catered really well for the adults but terribly for the children (how was I to know that children under three don’t like pepperoni pizza, it HAS to be margherita!) Anyway as always ill let you know how I get on.

Speak Soon

Love Natalie

27 May


Seeing my dresses on the British Soap Awards red carpet was amazing!

Hello everyone!!

Thank you so much for reading my blog. It’s really lovely to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave your comments.

What a weekend!!! After months of planning and preparation the day of the British Soap Awards finally arrived and more importantly for us, we launched our ‘Enais Chapman’ online boutique. I was so nervous I could hardly breathe.


Although it was quite a stressful weekend it was also so much fun. I loved being with the Emmerdale gang. There’s only a few occasions throughout the year where a lot of us can get together as our work schedules are so hectic, people generally need to spend their free time with their families. However this weekend the majority of the cast and crew came out to play and despite only picking up one award at the ceremony, albeit a fantastic award (we won Most Spectacular Scene) everybody really seemed to let their hair down. I think what’s really lovely about our cast is that we are incredibly supportive of the other soaps as we know how tough it can be working on what at times can feel like a treadmill of never-ending episodes and so we were really pleased for Corrie and particularly Julie Hesmondlaugh and David Neilsen (Hayley and Roy) on picking up so many awards for their excellent portrayal of the ‘Hayley’s cancer storyline’. I personally was also absolutely thrilled for Hollyoaks and their Best Soap award as like us they tend to be the underdog and so it was a wonderful achievement for all involved.


The weekend was also a huge achievement for all of the Enais Chapman team as four of our dresses were showcased on the red carpet and our website and online boutique were officially opened. As I said I have been so nervous these past few weeks as obviously we are opening ourselves up to criticism and opinion however we have received some really positive feedback about the collection which is amazing. Our Harlow gown (the dress I wore on the evening) has even made it onto several of the best dressed lists which is absolutely amazing!! It was such an wonderful feeling seeing the other girls in their dresses too. To watch them evolve from sketch to toile to production and then finally gracing the red carpet was incredible. Laura Norton who plays Kerry Wyatt opted for a bespoke apple green creation which we aptly named the Laura gown and Roxy Shahidi wore our Cate gown which will be available later in the year and Michelle Hardwick wore our Bergman gown. Anyway it’s back to business for us now as alongside working on our next made-to-order collection we are also developing the Ready to Wear side of our label which will be available online in the autumn. No doubt we will be buried in sketches and swatches over the next few months, however as always I’ll keep you all posted with how it’s going.



This week I also revealed my inner minx as I took part in playing an epic trick on my on-screen husband Matthew Wolfenden for ITV2 show ‘Tricked’. If you’ve not seen the show show before it basically sees magician Ben Hanlin play tricks and perform illusions on famous faces. Our trick was incredible and we really got Matthew good. He had absolutely no idea that he was being tricked which I found hilarious as he’s always poking fun at me and telling me how gullible I am. Unfortunately I can’t give away any real details about the trick itself however I can assure it’s one you won’t want to miss when the new series airs in September!!


Matthew and I with magician Ben Hanlin.

I’m absolutely loving Britain’s Got Talent this year and so I’m incredibly excited to be going to the live finals this Saturday as I’m appearing as a guest on Britain’s Got More Talent. I think BGMT is having it’s best series ever as everyone looks like they are having so much fun although having watched last night’s first live show I’ll admit I’m a little worried about what the lovely Stephen Mulhern has got in store for me as last night it was games galore…oh well I just need to remember I was once Justin Beiber on national TV, I don’t think anything will ever beat that in terms of making a fool of myself. I’ll be sure to fill you in on all of the fun and gates.


Anyway I’ll say bye for now and speak soon.

Lots of love

Natalie X

P.s. We celebrated my lovely hubby James’ birthday too this weekend. I think Freddie enjoyed the chocolate cake don’t you….look at his mouth!

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