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I’m really excited about my Emmerdale storyline that airs soon!

Hi everyone,

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As I said last week, I’ve been pretty busy filming at Emmerdale for a storyline that airs at the beginning of May. I’m really excited to see the finished product and how everything pieces together as we’ve all had so much fun working on it over the last month. Everyone at Emmerdale works incredibly hard and I would really love to see us recognised at this year’s British Soap Awards. We’ve had an amazing year and there’s been some fantastic performances/episodes from our actors and production team. The heartbreaking moment when Lesley Dunlop had her head shaved as part of Brenda’s brain tumour story, Charlie Hardwick and Chris Chittell’s emotional portrayal of Vals HIV discovery and of course the edge of your seat, high octane scenes between Charley Webb, Lucy Pargeter, Mark Charnock and Dominic Power during our epic Storm and Siege week in October are just a few examples of how incredible Emmerdale has been over the last 12 months.


I know I’m biased and fiercely loyal but I really am keeping everything crossed that we pick something up this year as I feel we deserve it more than ever! If you feel the same then you can visit to vote for us. This year’s outfit choice however will hopefully be much less stressful as I will be wearing a dress from our new Enais Chapman collection, which is extremely exciting. The only trouble I am having is deciding which design I’d like to wear as I absolutely love them all… ah decisions, decisions!


I’ve been on the go quite a lot recently and so I have absolutely loved having a gorgeous, chilled out weekend at home with James and Freddie. Well I say chilled out, Freddie had me in the garden chasing him around with a rugby ball before I made the mistake of doing a showy off cartwheel, which then resulted in me having to go on to perform 7 more in a row!!! This I could do quite easily 15 years ago when I was a cheerleader, however now I’m afraid it’s a huge task, that requires the energy of a sugar crazed 6 year old or 5 consecutive red bulls. Needless to say I’m not a 6 year old and I hate red bull and so by the end of the seventh cartwheel I thought I was going to be sick. Definitely a party trick that is going back into the box, not to be brought out for a VERY long time! We also took Freddie to a lovely little country pub near our house where you can watch the aeroplanes taking off from Leeds and Bradford airport. He absolutely loved it and got so excited whenever one set off he shouted “Goodbye aeroplane, see u soon!” which thankfully the other diners found endearingly amusing as opposed to incredibly annoying… well it seemed like they did anyway.

After all that jumping about, I was definitely in the need for mummy’s treat time! This normally consists of a lovely relaxing candle lit bath with a glass of wine, followed by applying some gorgeous lotions and potions, (my faves being my Chanel Coco Noir perfume, Neostrata face wash and Elemis skin bliss capsules) then heading off to bed before 9.30pm… bliss!!


This weekend also saw the return of Britain’s Got Talent, which I absolutely love! I’d even go as far as to say that it’s probably my favourite of all the talent shows as each year you just never know what you’re going to get. Last years winners Attraction, were absolutely incredible and had me in tears with their moving piece of shadow theatre and this years show opener definitely didn’t disappoint. Back were the fantastic four judges, Simon, David, Alesha and Amanda ( this is my favourite judging panel line up) alongside Saturday night faves Ant and Dec, who witnessed both the crazy and sublime from a vast array of auditionees. The acts ranged from the wonderful to the very weird and had me both crying and laughing in equal measure. My favourite acts from Saturday night were, gorgeous classical boy band Collabro who performed Stars from Les Miserable so beautifully, Soprano singer Lucy Kay and my absolute favourites Paddy and Nico, a 79 year old Latin dancing grandma and her somewhat younger dance partner. My eyes nearly fell out of my head, firstly at the unbelievable acrobatic moves they performed within their routines and secondly at how incredible Paddy’s legs were at 79 years old. She puts most 20 year olds to shame. She lost her husband when she was 70 and turned to dancing to fill the void. She is an absolute inspiration and a real testament to the fact that Britain really does have talent… of all ages!

Anyway I’m going to say goodbye for now and speak very soon.

Lots of love

Natalie Xx

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“I’m really excited about my Emmerdale storyline that airs soon!”
  • Your blogs are always my favourite things to read!
    They’re so inspirational and I love hearing what you get up too:))
    Twitter only has a certain amount of letters so your blogs are always so interesting to read and year about what you got up too in more detail.
    Keep up the fabulous writing.
    Lots of love,<3
    Emily (@NatalieAFans_)

  • Hi Natalie,

    How are you? I absolutely Love reading your weekly Blogs in HELLO! Magazine.
    You Are a Very Talented and Gorgeous Actress but Most of all You are the Best Blogger Ever.

    Roll on Next Weeks Blog.

    Love Jean x x x

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