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Easter was the perfect family weekend – Freddie looked so cute trying to be a big boy!

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I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Easter and are not feeling too stuffed full of chocolate! I was lucky enough to have most of the bank holiday weekend off which was amazing and a real rarity with our schedule at Emmerdale and so I spent it having some quality time with my husband and family.


Firstly James and I took ourselves off to the gorgeous Titanic Eco spa in Linthwaite in Huddersfield for the day which was lovely. When we arrived we had lunch and a glass of champagne before changing into the comfiest robes I have ever worn and slippers. I absolutely loved being able to wonder around in a dressing gown without anyone batting an eyelid as I spend so much time in Alicia’s tiny Lycra outfits, holding yourself in all day is a workout in itself!! We then enjoyed the Heat and Ice experience, which consists of visiting several different treatment rooms of varying temperatures one after the other, well I say enjoyed, standing in a freezing cold room and rubbing ice into your body most definitely wasn’t a highlight however was much needed after spending 10 mins in the steam room which felt as hot as Dubai. It’s fantastic for your circulation and getting all of the toxins out of your body apparently, I definitely felt better for it and was ready for our decleor hot stone massage. The massage was bliss!! Beginning with an aromatic exfoliation treatment and mask, the therapist then applied hot stones to my back and shoulders, which felt quite strange at first but then was amazing as the heat began to penetrate into my muscles. I really suffer with tension in my upper back and shoulders and so I can be quite sceptical with treatments as more often than not I find that although they can be lovely and relaxing they don’t tend to actually alleviate the tension, however this treatment definitely did as it was quite intense. Afterwards I was so relaxed I thought I was going to fall over! However we were then lead into a gorgeous chill out room with low lighting and huge bean bags where we preceded to fall asleep for AN HOUR!! An absolute luxury for any parent, is being able to have an hour’s sleep during the day. All in all we had a fantastic time and I would definitely recommend it to anyone in need of some chill out time!


We then headed off to Whitby for the rest of the Easter break to spend time with our friends and family. It was fab!! All together there were about 10 of us there for the weekend, including my mum and her friends, our friends and us. It was so lovely as it reminded me of my own childhood holidays at the beach. My mum used to invent games for us to play when the weather was bad or she’d march us all down to the the beach armed with wind shields, towels, deck chairs and some form of bat and ball, ready to brave the English weather and make the most of our day by engaging in competitive sports and building sand castles. We’d then have a little picnic, which would always include sandwiches and biscuits and a huge hot flask of tea. We would eventually round of the day eating fish and chips out of paper bags before heading back home and falling fast asleep due to the amount of fresh sea air we’d had. Well we pretty much did all the same things except this time there was much more wine involved!! Freddie absolutely loved it!! He ran all over the beach, built sand castles and tried to join in with a very competitive game of French cricket! He’s becoming so independent he insisted on walking pretty much everywhere, up hills, along the sea front, around the marina. He looked so cute, bless him taking everything in and trying to be a big boy. It really was the perfect family weekend.


Whilst we were there we also did a little Easter egg hunt for Freddie, which he enjoyed so much. The surprise on his face when he found each egg was priceless…”ooh there’s another one mummy!” “Basket please”. He did so well, he found every one! However now I’m stuck with about 10 Easter eggs!! Oh well. Yummy!!

Well as always I’ll say goodbye for now, I hope you had a lovely time time too!!

Love Natalie

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“Easter was the perfect family weekend – Freddie looked so cute trying to be a big boy!”

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