August, 2013

24 August


Happy 1st birthday Freddie!


Hey everyone,

Thank you so much for reading my blog!!

I feel like after the madness of Your Face Sounds Familiar I’m finally getting back to normal!!!

Firstly we celebrated Freddie’s 1st birthday with a lovely garden party at home with all the family. I’m from quite a big family so there were about 35 of us altogether with the majority being children under 6!! It was definitely a baptism of fire with regards to children’s birthday party etiquette.

I pride myself on being a really good hostess and organiser but the realm of children’s parties is a whole other ball game!! Catering, drinks, entertainment, prizes. Who knew musical statues could be so competitive, not to mention pass the parcel!! Thank god the other females in my family were there to dish out much needed advice. I definitely have to be better for next year when we have Freddie’s friends around.




Although I’m back at Emmerdale full time now we very luckily managed to get a last minute break before the end of the summer. We decided to head to Whitby as its not very far from us and is such a pretty place, with lots of tea rooms, cobbled streets and a gorgeous stretch of beach…perfect for Freddie’s first holiday in the UK. He absolutely loved playing in the sand, so we bought him a bucket and spade to make sandcastles, although his favourite bit is knocking them down.

He also loved paddling in the sea. As he went straight to water babies when he was very little he’s really not frightened of water at all, he really enjoys splashing about. We’ve had some lovely walks with him in the pushchair along the coast and then stopped for lunch at some really gorgeous beauty spots.



The sea air totally knocked Freddie out one day and James and I were able to enjoy a lovely seaside meal….I opted for champagne and oysters and he went for full on fish and chips and tea, typical!

It’s been so nice to get away for a few days before the madness of the autumn begins at Emmerdale. I’m so excited as we’ve got an absolutely fantastic year ahead, with so many different storylines. Obviously I can’t say anything in detail but it’s definitely worth tuning in for.

Watch this space!

Love Natalie xx

15 August


Farewell to ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re enjoying my blog.

So it’s been just over a week since Your Face Sounds Familiar ended and I can definitely say I’m really missing everyone. I literally went straight back to work at Emmerdale on the Monday and before I knew it, it was the weekend again although this time I had nobody to be but myself!

Your Face Sounds Familiar was such an amazing show to work on and I feel incredibly privileged to have been part of it

The costumes, the makeup, the routines, the laughs, the tears and of course the people – it was all so brilliant. It felt incredibly strange this weekend not being dressed to the nines as somebody else, standing in the Your Face Sounds Familiar lift bubbling with nerves, ready to perform live to the nation. Instead I was sat in my PJs with a list as long as my arm, prepping for Freddie’s first birthday party!!!



A collage made by a lovely fan


Although I thoroughly enjoyed the show I have to be honest and say that juggling it with everything Emmerdale and Freddie’s teething did sometimes get the better of me and I had the odd emotional moment – but no more so than when my name was announced as the series winner! Although I’d done well in the previous weeks, the final prize money was still very much all to play for as everyone’s performances were fantastic, especially Matt’s Robbie and Xander’s Susan Boyle!



Me as Jessie J


I’d done an awful lot of travelling up and down to London that week and of course we had double the work load as we were performing as two people (I was Jessie J and Mariah Carey). To top it off I twisted my knee during my Jessie J rehearsals on the Friday and therefore had to sit out for a bit while my knee was on ice and then have it strapped up!

As you can imagine going into the Saturday live show I was feeling exhausted and in quite a lot of pain as my knee was still in bandages and I was literally relying on adrenalin to get me through to the end. In fact if you watch the show again you can see me holding on to Xander’s arm for dear life at the end as I’d had to take my shoe off because I couldn’t stand up properly! When Alesha said my name as the winner, I really couldn’t hold it together any longer.



And the winner is…


I was so unbelievably overwhelmed at the amount of money that was going to my charity, I couldn’t help but cry. £80,000 for my charity Bliss is just amazing and will pay for a specialist nurse for 3 years to support and care for very sick and premature babies and their families.

I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who picked up the phone to place their vote and to all who supported the show by tuning in

I really hope there will be another series next year that other charities can benefit from, and that we at home can enjoy, I for one will definitely be watching!

Love Natalie xx

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