July, 2013

31 July


Your Face Sounds Familiar: Bieber, Bonnie and being Jessie J

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading my blog.

Well it’s certainly been a busy old time over the last couple of weeks!

Being Justin Bieber on Your Face Sounds Familiar was brilliant fun and although I didn’t win I was thrilled to be in the top three. Matt did an amazing job as Freddie Mercury and was a thoroughly deserving winner!




Next up for me was Bonnie Tyler, which scared the life out of me as her voice is so completely different to mine and to anyone else’s I’d impersonated on the show. I really had to work hard at getting her husky sound and to be honest I was extremely nervous going into the semi final, I felt quite emotional.




What’s incredibly difficult about a show like Your Face Sounds Familiar is only having a couple of days to encapsulate each person. None of us on the show are singing full time professionally and so we are literally giving it our best shot every week at doing the best vocal/acting impression we can with very limited time. I didn’t get to my rehearsals for Bonnie or Justin Bieber until the Friday morning! I was therefore very shocked and overwhelmed at winning last week as I thought Alexander was incredible at impersonating Pavarotti. I’m extremely grateful to everyone who voted for me as the money we are raising for my charity Bliss will really make a huge difference.




So into the final we go this weekend! Yet again I’m absolutely terrified because I’m performing as Jessie J whose voice is absolutely fantastic – she’s not a judge on The Voice for nothing! She’s super confident and full of attitude, which I am most definitely not and so i’ve got my work cut out for me!

I’m practising as hard as I can and keeping my fingers crossed that i’ll do my best, but to be honest whoever wins on Saturday night will deserve it as we’ve all worked so hard and become such a team. I’m actually really sad it’s the end as I’ve made some lovely friends and we’ve become like a little family.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how I get on!!

Love Natalie xx


19 July


I’m facing my biggest challenge yet on ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ – impersonating Justin Bieber!

Hi everyone,

Wowsers! So sorry I’ve not spoken to you guys recently, I’ve been running around like a headless chicken. Thank you so much for reading my blog.

I’m feeling a little bit like I have multiple personalities at the moment because I’m in Your Face Sounds Familiar. I’ve impersonated Britney, Kate Bush, Alicia and this week I’ve been Justin Bieber!



Matt and I – he did a great Elvis impersonation

Taking part in the show has been absolutely amazing! As I’ve said before it’s such a lovely show to work on because the people are great fun and incredibly supportive. I feel like each week the shows are getting better and better and the performances have been incredible!

Matt’s Elvis, Cheryl’s Meatloaf, Bobby’s Ozzy, Denise’s Tina and Xander’s Jonny Rotten were all brilliant! When you consider we only really get five days from the randomiser selection to become our person, it really shows how talented everyone is and how much of a challenge we have week to week.



Me as Britney


Although I absolutely loved being Britney, it was a hard performance because my microphone kept going into my mouth while I was singing which was so off putting!

Nevertheless the drama school student in me kept shouting to keep going, which in the end paid off as I went on to win £10,000 for my chosen charity, Bliss. I was extremely overwhelmed and shocked because I was genuinely happy to just to have got through the performance without stopping!



My Kate Bush hair!

I was even more shocked to have won a second week with my performance as Kate Bush. Because I have a background in musical theatre, I felt quite comfortable performing the song Wuthering Heights due to its theatrical nature. I did think everyone else’s performances were brilliant and extremely entertaining. It was such a mixed bag and I for one definitely couldn’t have called the final three. Again I was incredibly grateful as another £10,000 for my charity which really will make a huge difference.

I fear I may not be as lucky this week, as the randomiser dealt me Justin Bieber and although I was thrilled to get him because I really wanted the challenge of performing as a guy, it’s going to be the toughest week yet.

Nevertheless I will give it my all and try to enjoy the experience as much as possible as we only have two weeks of the show left

The weeks are flying by!

Speak soon.

Love Natalie xx

06 July


Having a laugh on ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ — Katy Perry was a challenge!

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for reading my blog.

What a week! I hope you all enjoyed the first live show of ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’. My nerves were playing havoc with me all day leading up to it, but I ended up having the best night. It was so much fun, especially the end when we got to press the ‘randomiser’.

Although being Katy Perry was a good laugh and I loved the costume, I was also quite happy to say goodbye to her as she proved to be quite a challenge for me.


katy perry wig dance


I was so desperate to find out who I was going to be this week — I was almost jumping up and down with excitement. It was such a surprise to see Britney, Justin Beiber and Madonna on the screen. Secretly I was hoping that I’d have to be Justin as I think it would have been great fun, but also a huge challenge to impersonate a teenage all singing, all dancing male.

Nevertheless it’s been brilliant being Britney Spears! I’m a huge Britney fan and in a roundabout way I’ve been given the opportunity to indulge my guilty pleasure of singing and dancing about to Britney classics (which normally would take place when pyjama clad inside my house or in a very dark nightclub after a cheeky wine or two).


dance team


The costume and the choreography were amazing. We really do have such a fantastic creative team working on the show, I feel incredibly spoilt. I also loved the blonde hair.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the performance on Saturday. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and comments.

Keeping everything crossed that it all goes well. Speak soon!

Lots of love,

Natalie xx

01 July


Freddie’s first few days at nursery, he’s growing up so fast!

Hello lovely readers,

Thanks for checking out my blog.

Last week Freddie started nursery! I have to say that although I was extremely excited for him to start making new friends and learning, I was also quite sad as it was another step towards facing the fact that my little boy isn’t a baby anymore.

I can’t believe he’s nearly one, the year just seems to have flown by. My lovely best friend Donna has just given birth to a little girl (Emily), it seems like literally two minutes ago that we were finding our feet with Freddie in those first few weeks.




It’s such a special time and I keep saying to Donna “Don’t rush anything”, just enjoy each day as it won’t be long before she’s climbing all over you and trying to talk, which of course is great fun but is very different to sitting and staring at your baby, eagerly waiting for a new expression, move or noise.

However, I am so excited to see what Freddie gets up to with his new friends at nursery.

The assistants tell me he’s very animated and musical… I have absolutely no idea where he gets that from, ha ha

Hope you managed to catch the first live show of ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ on Saturday night? Did you enjoy it? I’d love to know what you thought!

Love Natalie xx

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