May, 2013

17 May


Baby showers, This Morning and my own little water baby!


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Thank you soooo much for reading my blog!! This week has definitely been very busy!

My best friend Donna’s baby shower finally arrived and despite the weather we had a brilliant time!! We decorated and planned everything ourselves which was such good fun as we got to have a bit of bonding time and we managed to just about stick to the ‘Arabian Princess Tea Party’ theme which i was thrilled about…I love it when a plan comes together! Donna received some beautiful gifts and it was so lovely to see her with her family and friends, who are all getting very excited for the arrival of her baby girl. I have to say one of my favourite things was getting to spend some time with my amazing friends. I often liken our friendship to a marriage as we’ve been together for 20 years and still love each other just as much as we did when we were young, perhaps even more so now. We’ve gone through school, university, weddings, babies and heartbreak together and come out the other side still smiling and as strong as ever. I think what’s special about our group is that we are so individual, we all bring something completely different to the table which makes for a very interesting dynamic…and some very interesting arguments/situations/moments of mischief over the years ha ha.

this morning


I had a visit to This Morning with some of the other Emmerdale cast members this week. Its always so  lovely to see Phil and Holly as they are so nice. I have to be very honest and say I’m a little bit in awe of both of them but for very different reasons. I think Philip Schofield is simply amazing, he’s such a fantastic presenter, he’s always so calm and collected and seems completely unflappable, especially when he’s live.  Holly is just gorgeous, I genuinely spent half of the time she was speaking to me thinking ‘oh my god she’s so beautiful!’. It’s a wonder I actually came up with anything to say. I think she’s a fantastic role model for young women. She juggles work and motherhood and always seems like she’s having good fun, whilst remaining completely professional. She’s definitely the girl you’d like to be friends with.

This morning Matthew Wolfenden and I did a couple of interviews for Daybreak and Lorraine. As we were in the Emmerdale studios it was a ‘down the line’ live link, which is always a bit weird as you can only hear the presenters. You also have to wear an earpiece so that you can hear the director in the gallery down at the London studios. This always makes me feel a little bit crazy as you’ll be having a conversation and suddenly you start hearing voices and people counting down as they get ready to throw to you for your feature. In January I covered the very lovely Richard Arnold’s Entertainment slot on daybreak which was such good fun and a huge learning experience. Having the responsibility of delivering the latest showbiz news in a live environment was quite nerve wracking so much so that even now hearing the daybreak music still gives me butterflies.

water baby


Freddie had his final Water Babies lesson this week, which was really sad because it made me realise how much he’s grown and that he’s not a baby anymore. We first started his classes when he was just 11 wks old as we knew we were going on holiday and I wanted him to be confident in the water. I’m so glad we did it whilst he was so young as now he absolutely loves having his baths and swimming. With the Water Babies course you can opt for your child to take part in an under water photo shoot, which we chose to do. It was absolutely amazing to see my little baby, under water and swimming by himself despite only being a matter of months old. I admit I did cry when I saw the picture as he looked so independent!

He’ll definitely be able to put all of his lessons into practice next week as we will finally be on our hols, which means that it will probably be a few weeks before you hear anything from me…enjoy the peace I say ha ha! Love Natalie xx

10 May


‘Great Gatsby’ inspired outfit planning and Freddie’s first holiday

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re enjoying my blog. Make sure you leave your comments and any questions for me on here and i’ll do my best to reply to them.

It’s been a bag of pick and mix this week!

Illness, sunshine, filming, photoshoots and the return of….RAIN!! I have never felt more ready for a holiday. Thankfully we will be heading off to the Maldives and Dubai for our first family holiday with Freddie very soon. I am so excited although a little overwhelmed as to what to take.


If I had my way there would be no luggage allowance and I could take my whole kitchen and Freddie’s bedroom to be sure I have everything I need for him, but alas this is not the case and I MUST stick to the airline restrictions! I’ve almost mastered the art of travelling light so fingers crossed I will be able to do the same for Freddie.

When he was born very dear friends of ours bought Freddie his first passport holder, it is so cute and I can’t wait to put his passport in it. I have to say getting the picture for his passport was an experience in itself! Trying to get an 8-month-old little boy to sit still and look straight at the camera with a blank expression is the hardest thing in the world and it took a ridiculous amount of attempts, which created quite a scene in our local post office. In the end we went to a photographer who literally got it in one shot. I definitely recommend others do the same to save yourselves from feeling like the most inept parent in the world, whilst people queue for foreign exchange and stamps!

I’m so excited for our trip because juggling the Emmerdale filming schedule, Freddie, home improvements and a new project I’m working on has definitely taken its toll this week and left me with the worst cold! I have been walking around the studios stinking of Olbas oil and carrying a handbag that could put Boots out of business with its contents!


Thankfully the beginning of the week was so lovely and sunny and we were filming outside, so I was able to get some much needed Vitamin D in between takes. The Emmerdale village is such a beautiful place to work when it’s sunny (but horrendous when it’s cold and it is mostly cold) it puts everyone in a great mood! We were slapping on the sun cream because it was so hot. I always laugh at our crew when they get really bad t-shirt tans.

I also managed to do a lovely photoshoot this week with Fiona Wade (who plays Priya) and Matthew Wolfenden this week, which was great fun because it was inspired by the release of Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of  F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Now we all know I love a bit of old fashioned glamour so you can imagine I was completely in my element with all of the clothes and head pieces, not to mention the jewellery! They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, well I definitely made friends with an amazing pair of earrings!



It’s the British Soap Awards next week and i’m thinking of taking a little bit of inspiration from the shoot for my hair and makeup. Dark eyes and softly curled hair will hopefully work with the dress I’ve chosen. I’m so excited to see the film as I’m a huge fan of both Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo DiCaprio, and of course the era in which the film is set.

James and I also went to our friend’s birthday party, which was really lovely. It was so nice to spend some time together and with our friends. I did a bit of recycling with my outfit as I’d worn the dress the previous week to the ‘Wreck my dress’ experience. I’m so terrible for wearing things to death. Once I find an outfit I love I tend to wear it to everything. I’m a great believer in good value for money!


Well it’s going to be a very busy week next week because it’s my friend Donna’s baby shower, The British Soap Awards and I’m taking a little trip to see Phil and Holly at This Morning. I will definitely get pictures of that to share with you all.

Have a lovely weekend — let me know what you get up to!

Love Natalie xx

03 May


A week of filming and glamorous photo shoots

natalie-anderson-blog-1Hello all,

Thanks for reading my blog.

It’s been quite a hectic filming week, but in and amongst the long days I’ve still had chance to partake in the odd bit of fun!

First up, Matthew Wolfenden and I did a very glamorous photo shoot for TV Times magazine to promote our current Emmerdale storyline. We are so used to being in our character clothes that it was actually quite nice to glam up our characters, David and Alicia.

We had such a brilliant team working with us, the gorgeous Lorraine McCulloch styled the shoot, while the very lovely Tally Bookbinder was in charge of hair and makeup. I loved the look — it was very old Hollywood. I’m such a huge fan of that era, as I grew up watching films from the 30s and 40s with my grandad — it’s where my love of acting and musical theatre began. I completely believe my grandad when he used to say it was the ‘Golden Age of Cinema. I’m inspired by the likes of Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

I also attended the launch of the ‘Wreck My Dress’ experience in Manchester with some of the other Emmerdale girls this week. It was such a fun evening, not only because of the entertainment but because it was a lovely chance to have a girly night out with a few drinks. As we all have a lot of early starts it’s quite difficult to get us all together on a school night.

The idea behind the event itself is absolutely brilliant! Basically the ‘Wreck My Dress’ experience gives people the opportunity to create their own short film or flashmob piece which they can then use to add a bit of Hollywood to an event. For example, it could be recreating a fight scene from a James Bond film, which is then acted out in the middle of an 18th birthday party or creating a short film starring yourself as a proposal or invitation. I have to say the ‘scene’ at the launch party definitely got my attention — there were fights, fireworks and fake police!


It’s been quite a week for photo shoots as I had another one just this morning. It was so much fun because the clothes were really bright and they totally got me in the mood for summer, especially as we’ve had such a fantastic week of sunshine. It’s always great to have a selection of different looks on shoots as it helps me create different characters as it can feel quite boring just being myself!


One of my favourites from today was a hot pink neoprene dress that had quite a 50s feel (there I go again with the old school glamour) — all I needed was an apron and a cupcake to complete the ‘perfect housewife’ look which is actually quite hilarious because I’m anything but! I’m so terrible at cooking — I can just about manage a very simple spaghetti bolognese but that’s about it!


I also managed to have a good catch up with my friend from school, X Factor’s Carolynne Poole. We were having a laugh about how we used to have to sing duets in school plays….we do quite a good rendition of Enough is Enough (No More Tears).

After a hectic week, I for one am definitely looking forward to the bank holiday weekend. Hope you all have a great time and let me know what you get up to!

Love Natalie x

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