April, 2013

25 April


Filming ‘All Star Mr and Mrs’, ‘Emmerdale’ nominations and toddlers’ birthday parties

Hello everyone,

Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for your lovely comments, I’ve really enjoyed reading them and can’t wait to hear what you think of this post.

I’ve had an extremely busy and fun week.

My husband James and I filmed the Christmas special of All Star Mr and Mrs with the very lovely Philip Schofield, Jane McDonald and her fiancé Ed and Jimmy and Pauline Tarbuck. As much as I love Christmas (my tree goes up on 1 December without fail!), it was quite surreal having the audience wearing Santa hats and singing Slade in the middle of April. In fact I would go as far as to say it was a little unsettling! I’m not very good with things being out of order, spring is for Easter and bank holidays and that is that.


However, we had a fantastic time and I have to say I was incredibly surprised at how much James actually knew about me considering he can’t remember what we talked about last night never mind eight years ago. I can’t give away the result but what I can say is that there are some great surprises and it’s a very funny show, with lots of Christmas cheer. But you’ll have to wait until your tucking into your turkey to see for yourself!

The shortlists for the British Soap Awards were announced this week and I’m so thrilled that Emmerdale has been nominated for 15 awards. It would be so lovely if we picked something up at the ceremony this year, particularly as the end of last year was our 40th birthday and we celebrated with an amazing live episode. I was on maternity leave at the time so I watched from home. I could not have been prouder of all of my colleagues, it was incredible! I personally have been nominated for the ‘Sexiest Female’ which is extremely flattering as most mornings you’ll find me in a tracksuit with frizzy hair and covered in baby mess and I feel far from sexy. I have a lot to thank our amazing makeup department and the inventor of ceramic hair straighteners for! Click here to vote for Emmerdale to win at the awards  — we really appreciate your support!


I’m currently on the hunt for an outfit for the occasion and I explored some of my options and indulged in a bit of retail therapy in this fun, short film for the Emmerdale website. I felt a little bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman that day because the store was closed just for us.

We’ve had more good news at Emmerdale on the awards front as we have also been nominated for BAFTAs in the ‘Best Soap’ and ‘Best Continuing Drama’ categories which is just brilliant. I’m keeping everything crossed that we win!

I’ve been introduced to the delights of children’s birthday parties this week. Freddie was invited to Matthew Wolfenden and Charley Webb’s little boy Buster’s third birthday party. It was held at the most fantastic play gym and the kids had such a great time. There was face painting, an appearance from Peppa Pig and what I initially thought was a suped up Power Ranger which was actually Bumblebee the Transformer — apparently he’s huge in the world of children’s entertainment, I have so much to learn!


I can’t wait to start throwing birthday parties for Freddie. It’s his first birthday in August and even though he’ll probably have absolutely no idea what’s going on, I’m still getting really excited about what to do for him. I will have to make sure I wear something that’s wipeable as Freddie has a habit of spitting his food out at me, always when it’s tomato based. He did it at the party when I was wearing a very lovely pale pink dress. I’m toying with the idea of a a fisherman theme for his birthday so I can wear waders!

I’ll keep thinking!

Love Natalie xx

23 April


Baby Shower

My Friend!

My Friend!

Hello! I’m Natalie.

Mother, wife, daughter, sister, actress, singer, organiser in chief!

I’m all of the above but never 100 per cent perfect at any of my jobs, however I try my best and keep my fingers crossed that I’m ‘doing alright’.

Little Freddie

Little Freddie

I have an eight month old little boy called Freddie who is quite simply amazing, although raising him definitely has its challenges for my husband (James) and I… and I know we’re not alone. Quite a few of our friends have small children and now our dinner table talk has become that of teething remedies, sleep deprivation and the varying hidden delights of our little ones nappies. Such is life, ha ha!

And we are about to welcome another bundle of joy into our midst as one of my (six!) best friends, Donna, is expecting a little girl in July. We are all very excited – perhaps she could be a little girlfriend for Freddie…mmmm perhaps I’m getting a little carried away (another thing, I’m such a daydreamer).



As I said earlier I’m a bit of an organiser and so I’m thrilled to be hosting my friends baby shower. We have decided to opt for an Arabian Princess, tea party theme which sounds a bit mixed up but will hopefully combine my friends love of Dubai and Betty’s tea rooms (you can take the girl out of Yorkshire… )

So I’m planning on cake stands filled with cupcakes, Turkish delights and mini macaroons and lots of pretty flowers, lanterns, cushions, and mint tea.

I’m finding it much easier to source things now as baby showers have become so much more popular. I had a safari-themed one just before I had Freddie last year and it was amazing.

We’ve got some great games to play too such as “Guess the size of the bump”, “Who knows mummy best” and one of my favourites “Who this little one?” I like this one as its a great game to get people talking and reminiscing about their own childhood. It basically involves each guest bringing along a picture of themselves as a child and depositing it into a secret box, the host then numbers each picture and places them around the venue, the guests then have to guess which picture belongs to which person….I loved seeing the ones of my grandma and mum! There’s some brilliant websites out there if you need inspiration , I personally like www.showermybaby.co.uk. It’s full of fantastic ideas to suit all budgets.

My Fun Nappy Cake

My Fun Nappy Cake

We are throwing the baby shower in May so hopefully we’ll have an improvement in the weather and be catapulted from the depths of icy despair into the beginnings of a baking hot summer! Stay posted for piccies!













Well I’ve talked enough for now… I assure you I’ll have something else to say in a matter of minutes but I’ll try and save that for next time.

Natalie xx

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