It never rains, it pours


Phew! It’s all non-stop action with the royals these days – weddings, dancing, births (congratulations Vicky and Dan), dancing, anniversaries…..

 Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, seems to be going gangbusters in her new job as royal celebrity. Stepping out sans Will, she seems to be managing her official duties with aplomb. Meeting the people, smiling for the cameras, managing the flower collection (always bemused by the volume of flower collecting the female royals have to do) – Kate is doing it with style  – extra points as she’s new (ish) to the game, having  lived most of her life as a ‘private citizen’.   Next stop, March 19 for public speaking.  And yikes, will it be public with the world’s media on hand, no doubt, to record and transmit her efforts to the world’s news broadcasters.  Kate says she’s looking forward to it – I’ll shake in my boots for her then!

QEII is also full steam ahead, as indeed she promised in her 60th anniversary statement on Feb 6. What I’m really enjoying is her outfits these days. Yes, she’s privy to her pick of the world’s designers but I love the happy colours she chooses and the way she co-ordinates the colours to the event. It seems almost….playful!  An inspiration for all the mature ladies out there, methinks. 

Of course, her fave hat maker, Philip Somerville prefers to describe QEII as ‘professional’ –  “the most professional hat wearer in the world”  in fact.   Now, I would love that job!  Imagine waking up in the morning knowing that you were: ‘The Most Professional Hat Wearer In The World’ .  No-one wears a hat more professionally than I, one could think. In the world, one could add.  One could feel one’s work was done with that, really….


And one last thing. I note Hello’s recent headline,“Shy Harry delights locals with his Carribbean capers”….
Yep.  There’s Harry,  just exuding shyness !! 
P.S   Sadly, amongst all the commotion, there’s been royal tragedy as well with Prince Johan Friso’s accident. His poor wife and their two young daughters having to endure such a terrible limbo. And his mother, dear old Queen Beatrix, for whom I have a soft spot since seeing her ambling nonchalantly along the red carpet at theSwede’s royal wedding of Victoria and Daniel, casually chatting and waving as she went.  It’s a very different story now for her family. We certainly hope for a happy ending  to this one….



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