Tying knots with the Tindalls

Zara and Mike’s wedding looked such a lovely occasion with lots of smiles and all that beautiful warm-looking sun – wish I’d been there ! Even if only to watch the passing parade along with the rest of the crowd.  And lots of fun was had judging from the happy dishevelment of exiting guests next morning (hello Harry!).  Zara looked beautiful in her simple but elegant gown, and despite being a sporty, no-nonsense kinda gal, I note she didn’t pass up the opportunity to don a tiara – no girl can resist a blingy piece of  head jewellery when she can get away with it. 

Speaking of crowning glories,  lots of festive hats on display, and I have to say for my money the mature ladies led the pack with the Queen’s pink number – loved the gorgeous combo of pink and orange feathers, and Camilla in her flamboyant feathery-flowery-grassy-meadowy thingy… whatever you call it, it’s a style she certainly favours for her formal headwear, and I think it suits her very well. I like how she co-ordinates the colour of the headpiece so nicely with her hair-colour, and indeed, on this occasion she co-ordinated quite nicely with the colours of the bridal flowers, too.

Zara exudes such a bright and breezy energy, as though nothing phases her.  I guess she gets her down-to-earthiness from her mother who’s straightforward style made quite an impression on me as a child. I recall a newspaper report about Princess Anne telling a press photographer to ‘naff off’ or some such as she competed in an equestrian event. Of course, it was all very controversial, but I was full of admiration for this attractive, long-haired princess (i.e. my childhood idea of how a princess ‘should’ look) who said it like she thought it.  Although she seems to manage the press attention without ‘naff-offs’ (she is one step removed from the frontline than Princess Anne was as a young woman), ‘Mrs Tindall’ seems to have inherited her mother’s straightforward, down-to-earth ways.

Anyways, may she and Mike enjoy a long and fruitful marriage – although not so much chance of little Tindalls anytime soon judging by Zara’s ‘not broody’ comments. Lucky QEII and Prince Phillip have Wills and Kate to rely on for great-grandchildren….

Meanwhile, the Duchess has topped Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List, which is a nice confidence boost for her in her challenging new role.  And interesting that Hello readers fave was the purple Issa number. Interesting in the sense that although the divinely rich purple was more of an out-there colour for her, the style was very typical of Kate’s traditionally favoured look than many of the other tour frocks.

Well, I thought that was interesting, anyway…..

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