Frocks ahoy!

 Having retired for a nice cup of tea and a lie down after all the excitement of Wills and Kate’s wedding do, I managed to rally just in time for the nuptials of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock. And what an extravaganza – glamour, bling, fireworks, and wonderfully over-the-top flourishes (clock the crazy wedding cake, and that adorable little gang of bo-peep bridesmaids).  Charlene looked statuesque, elegant…and teary. Those tears made me feel for the poor girl, what with all those rumours about. But then, a three-day wedding marathon is probably enough to send even an Olympic athlete bride a bit over the edge. And really, Albert and Charlene have been together a long while now, they know each other inside out, there ain’t gonna be any surprises. And as Albert said,  “(Marrying you) was the best decision I ever took”. And just to reinforce: ‘Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you’.  So there. They’re good….Best wishes to them!

But let’s not leave out the frocks – a cornucopia of styles and colours!  There were a fair few knee-length block colour shift  dresses topped with contrasting fascinator, the floaty bling of the Princess Lallas of Morocco, Karolina Kurkova in a strange navy blue skirt suit, Ines de la F. in sophisticated beach chic complete with thong (that’s flip-flop to you) sandals, and, surprisingly, plenty of outfits in white or similar bride-like shades.  Now round my way, it’s a bit of a faux pas to wear bridal colours if one is not actually the bride, but quite clearly they do things differently over in Monaco.  And indeed, one of my favourite outfits was white. Princess Caroline’s vaguely 1920’s-anyone-for-tennis-cum-bianca-jagger-in the-70’s ensemble, , was just divine and just which have worked as well in any other colour. Close second was Naomi Campbell’s delicious delicate green number topped with long, straight hair and blush-coloured fascinator.

Meanwhile, I have enjoyed watching Kate’s tentative, but irrefutable fashion evolution as she and Wills toured Canada and United States. It is kind of thrilling to see her starting to step out of her v-necked fashion comfort zone, even if it is just trying some different arrangements around the neck area such as the cute grey number here.   However, despite her growing fashion confidence, and recent assertions about starting a family, I doubt we’ll one day see Kate tripping about on holiday in a pregnancy mini a la Carla Bruni. Who does look fabulous while doing so, mind….

Still on the Canada tour….I was horrified to see Wills and Kate cooking in the kitchen in Canada. Horrified ! Surely there is no greater perk of being royal than never having to set foot in a kitchen. Ever. Under any circumstances. Forget the on-tap clothes, shoes, and accessories; or even the fabulous housing one gets, handing over the whole  food preparation thing to someone else forever more tops it all.  Wills and Kate, it’s just not even vaguely funny. Don’t let me ever see you pull a stunt like that again. Geez, what next ? Royal Masterchef ?!!

And now, there’s just enough time for a nice cup of tea and a lie down before the next royal nuptials of Zara and Mike on July 30…

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