Four days to go

kate-middleton--e.jpgDresses, hairstyles, tiaras, bridesmaids…..oh, the tension of waiting is too much to bear. How we’ll all get through the next few days, I just don’t know!

I am looking forward to my Friday evening Royal Wedding viewing. Thank you to Wills, Kate, and the Royal Schedulers – for us Aussies you’ve chosen a very convenient time to be married.  A Friday evening barbie and beer, canapés and champers in front of the TV….it’s most civilised.

I am, however, feeling a tad concerned about rumours of Kate’s choice of headdress –  that she may be wearing only flowers in her hair as an accompaniment to her veil, that she may wear her hair half-up, half-down,  that she won’t be wearing a tiara. No, no, no, Kate! Any bride can wear flowers in their hair, any bride can wear a veil, or their hair a particular way, but a tiara? I think not (although Elizabeth Hurley may disagree).

A young lady of my acquaintance recently asked, “Is Kate’s dress ‘tailor-made’ or did she buy it from the shop?” I replied that I didn’t think she had gone to the shopping mall to buy her wedding dress. To which my young lady replied ‘”So it is tailor-made? Wow, that’s so cool!” And so it is. Yes, us ‘ordinary people’ do get our wedding frocks ‘tailor-made’, but the opportunity for a bride to wear a diamond-encrusted tiara without people thinking she’s got tickets on herself surely does come far and few between. When one really is a princess bride, for example. So, Kate, I beg you, grab that opportunity with your manicured-and-moisturised-to-perfection-in-preparation-for the-wedding hands…wear that crown with pride and joy!  Because you can. Because you really, truly are a princess bride. For all the brides out there who can’t. And as a symbol of what you are to become and the life you are about to lead. Hey, if Princess Mary of Denmark from Down Under can do it, so can you !

baptism--z.jpgSpeaking of which, welcome to Prince Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander and Princess Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda. Surprising names perhaps, but fresh and energetic. Just like their big sister Isabella who always seems to be up to some cute little shenanigans. Must be that feisty Aussie spirit in her – may Prince Vince and Princess Josie carry that same spirit… 

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  1. Kate you looked beautiful. I wish i was you

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