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35-kate-wills-small.jpgI was amused to read in Judy Wade’s blog that America is going so crazy over Kate and William’s wedding plans, and particularly their dismay that the wedding is scheduled at such an ‘inconvenient’ time ….gotta love the American’s robust sense of ‘self”!  Meanwhile, Judy says, the British are “keen, but not berserk” about the whole thing.

For Aussies I think the feeling right now would be, er, “unconcerned”. The announcement was widely reported and triggered a short-lived flurry of ‘Republic’ talk, as happens here with any significant British royal event. And of course we’re all waiting for ‘The Dress’, but what with the bombardment of floods, cyclones, bushfires, heatwaves and, of course, that spin in a fine bone china tea cup that is the Warney/Hurley circus raging around us, British royal wedding fever is only just managing a slight temperature here right now.

Come the big day, I’m sure I’ll have to allow my children to stay up way past their bedtime so they can enjoy the spectacle on TV. I still have memories of watching Princess Anne’s wedding as a child way back in 1973. I was transfixed by Princess Anne’s wedding gown, and thought she looked just like a princess should with those fabulous gothic sleeves, swept back hair, sparkling tiara, and long veil (and yes, I remember all those details without doing a sneaky google check first!). I’m sure Kate’s ensemble will be equally memorable.

aaa army uniform.jpgAs for William’s outfit for the big day, my pick has to be the regal-looking Army uniform with it’s striking slashes of cobalt blue and yellow – surprisingly debonair for the old Army to my mind (army/khaki, khaki/army), and entirely suitable for such a special occasion. Wills cannot seriously consider the RAF blue uniform. It may be smart, it may be proper and practical for official busy RAF work, but as a royal wedding kit-out it’s almost as dull as a week-long heatwave, which surely is the most tedious weather pattern to be visited upon humankind. (Sorry, Air Force. I know you provide an essential humanitarian and security service, but fashion service? ‘Fraid not.)

I may be in the minority on my choice, though, as it seems readers prefer the black and white navy uniform. Crisp, yes. But somehow I’d keep waiting for the moment William breaks into a bit of a song-and-dance routine down the Abbey aisle…..”In the Navy, you can sail the seven seas…..”.  

Anyway, no doubt excitement for the royal wedding will continue to build as we head towards the big day, and I, for one, am looking forward to the big ‘reveal’.

P.S.  I’ve noticed that William and Kate have managed to conduct their personal relationship without the assistance of Twitter. Yes it’s true, Shane and Liz. Something to mull over perhaps….


  1. Indeed the black uniform looks better….

  2. I had no idea you were such a fan of the royals.
    Nice writing style, by the way.

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