A Magical Marriage

interview--z.jpgFinally, we can all breathe a sigh of relief! The most anticipated ‘secret’ of the last month or so has been revealed – Wills and Kate to Marry. Or as one Scottish publication trumpeted: ‘Couple who met at university to marry’….now we know why we all prefer HELLO!

Indeed, so secret was it that Wills says even his grandmother didn’t know. Now, don’t come the raw prawn with me, Wills…you don’t really expect us to believe that QEII had no inkling you were planning to propose??? Although, Kate herself did so sweetly and modestly say that the proposal was a ‘total shock’. Awwww!

And, surprisingly, she mentioned first meeting the Queen in 2008!  What, they’d been a couple for nigh on five, six years before Wills introduced his girl to his particularly special and important grandmother – my, things really have changed in the English royal family. Maybe Wills really is doing things his own way…..

Speaking of Kate ‘mentioning’ this and ‘saying’ that, it certainly was interesting to hear her inmag-cover--z.jpg full verbal action after so many years of visuals only. She certainly seems poised and dignified. Indeed, to answer questions as thoughtfully as she did while exposed to that ferocious onslaught of photographers’ flashes (sorry….pun intended) at the engagement announcement certainly takes a goodly amount of presence of mind and unflappability…useful qualities for a future which will be spent in the full glare of the spotlight.

One thing that really sticks in my craw about all this, though, are the comparisons to Diana, such as a double-page spread in a mag here of photos of Kate/Diana in ‘similar’ outfits. Please!  Yes, William made an understandable gesture by proposing with his mother’s engagement ring – whether Kate would have secretly preferred her own, fresh engagement ring we’ll never know – but Kate is not Diana in any way, shape, or form, and deserves to be let alone to, as Wills says, ‘make her own future and…destiny’. Well said, Wills!

To William and Kate, congratulations and good luck!  I wish them all the best for a happy and fulfilling marriage. Their genuine ease and affection for one another will no doubt hold them in good stead for what will be a Hell-o of a ride !

P.S. And now we can all re-bate our breaths as we wait for the….‘The Dress’….

While I’m on the topic – Kate’s sartorial style has always struck me as ‘nice’, ‘inoffensive’, maybe even a little ‘yawn’ (rhymes with prawn). Perhaps, now, as she relaxes (if that’s possible) into her new life and role, maybe we’ll see a little more flair, befitting of a modern English princess and future queen.  After all, with the cream of British and European designers at her fingertips, the world’s her prawn. I mean oyster….seafood…mmm….


  1. I just hope that whatever she wears on her big day, that she wears her hair up! The lassie look is okay for the polo field but come on! In order for her to be taken seriously, she has to open her mouth to talk, wear her hair differently and form an opinion.
    She was shocked to be proposed to? What the hell did she think was going to happen?
    Good Luck, Kate, you will need it…


  3. Well said LoopsFroot, about having her put up her hair into a more sophisticated style, and about her funny comment about the proposal being totally shocking.. but, nevertheless, I am happy and excited for the pair and hope that this marriage is real and lasting. Of course, the scandal magazines say weird things, like, the queen pressured William into proposing because the Royal Family is afraid that with them living together up in Wales, that Katherine might be expecting a child soon. Now that wouldn’t do… so, hence an early 4 months from now wedding.

  4. Great post! I’m soooo waiting to see a photo of “the dress!”.
    You have such a great writing voice that I find myself wanting to read a novel you write. :D Maybe two or three!
    Cheers, JJ

  5. Well said! Kate is indeed her own person. She will have to create her own future, destiny with William by her side.
    My best wishes to the royal couple. Congratulations and may you both have the best wedding and happiest marriage!

  6. Concrats to you all, you deserve to be together all the time.

  7. Good luck to both, they will need the wisdom of Solomon.
    Just looking at Kate’s legs the left looks as if
    it is bowed or longer than the right.

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