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While the royals go about their ‘official’ lives, I thought I’d take a look at the some other ‘blue-bloods’ for this post – namely movie and rock ‘n’ roll royalty.

gwen-stefani.jpgHellomagazine.com recently reported that the waxwork model of Gwen Stefani was made ‘chubbier’ than real size in anticipation of the Las Vegas heat. Well, if that waxy washboard stomach is ‘chubby’ then, please, let me, too, be ‘chubby’!  And not to get too technical, but doesn’t the science go that things expand in the heat and shrink in the cold?  Or perhaps they’re expecting the Las Vegas heat will melt the Stefani statue down to size….  

Apart from wax, it’s nice to see (the real) Gwen frocking that left-of-field sartorial style again.  Not that Gwen was ever photographed in regulation mummy-wear – i.e. old t-shirt with stain of pureed food , fraying cargo pant with inner-thigh seam split-  but she did seem to get a little conservative for a while there. With these fabulously-coloured, halterneck dresses she’s been sporting lately, there’s ‘no doubt’ Gwen’s back with her trademark sense of verve and originality.

geldof-family--z.jpgSad news that Tigerlily’s estranged grandmother, Patricia Glassop, has passed away, if only that Tigerlily will never have the opportunity to know her. When Tiger’s mother passed away, it seemed only right that she remained in her homeland of England, with the half-sisters she knew and loved, and protective and loving parents in Sir Bob and Jeanne Marine. Recent pictures of her at her step-grandfather’s funeral showed her growing into a gorgeous young woman.

However, we humans seem to have an almost primal need to connect with our genetic roots, and it can be devastating to know that it’s all too late, that all one’s significant forebearers have already passed away. Circumstances and geography have made it difficult for Tigerlily to know her biological grandparents. Let’s hope she’s one of the few ‘adopted’ children that don’t seem to have that urge for their genetic connections…

kate winslet.jpg

P.S. Must say I’m rather jealous of Kate Winslet. Look at that stunning new man man she’s with these days! She’s clearly put the painful past behind her and got a new lease on life. I know it’s a cliché, but, you go, girl!

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