The foibles and fashions of the royals


sarah-home.jpgFergie, Fergie, Fergie….

I’ve been wondering what to say about this, because, really, such things should stay between the individuals involved. I mean, it’s bad enough that it happened, let alone that it became public… I can’t help but shake my head in disbelief at the whole debacle.

Sarah says she was drunk and desperate. Hmm, I think there’s a time limit on using that old excuse to explain away one’s indiscretions and bad behaviour. It might just wash for an over-excited 17-year-old who’s had too many rum and cokes down at the local disco (believe me, I know it), but not for her.

Fergie also says she was trying to help out a friend in need. But should she be helping out by essentially selling her ‘best friend’, as she refers to Prince Andrew? I think if my best friend tried to sell me – for whatever amount of money – I might just feel a little bit betrayed. They could at least have run it by me first.

Indeed, it has been reported that Fergie incurred all her business debts because of her over-generosity – paying acquaintance’s hospital bills and the like. Maybe her heart’s in the right place, but her head needs to have more of a say in her decision-making.

Perhaps Sarah’s path is not the one of ‘entrepreneurial businesswoman’ that she persists in following. Perhaps her true route lies somewhere else, and maybe it’s time to face that and stop trying to be something she isn’t. That’s got to be better than doing shonky business deals and publicly embarrassing the family. As Joan Cusack said to Melanie Griffith in the film Working Girl – for those of us who can remember that far back – “You know, sometimes I sing and dance around the apartment in my underwear. Doesn’t make me Madonna… never will”. Wise words indeed, Joan.

And so ends today’s lecture… hopefully happier days are ahead for Fergie and her family.

mary floral dress.jpgMeanwhile, I have to mention that sartorial superstar Princess Mary of Denmark – formerly Mary Donaldson of Tasmania, Australia. She has been causing a stir again with her fab sense of style. I’ve just gotta feel proud of Mary – we breed ‘em stylish down this way!


Speaking of style: I’m waiting avidly for Princess Victoria’s wedding dress reveal on June 19. Only nine more sleeps – from my end, anyway!


  1. take it easy on fergie

    Fergie has it rough. The poor woman does not belong in the royal family anymore and yet does not belong anywhere else either. I feel very badly for her.
    People THINK she has money, and yet, does she?
    Also, this is the first bad mistake she has made in the media in a very long time. Give the poor woman a break.

  2. Janice Gilmour

    I am an American woman who is a beggar. Good luck to Princess Mary of Denmark, she looks good to me.

  3. gloria bauer

    miss FERGIE should forget about her Duchess of York title and remarry some gentleman with whom she can work side by side with and build a new productive life and show those ROYALS that she can do it with no dependence on that title…because that title wouldnt pay her bills only hard work like the rest of us do everyday…get up and go to work like the rest of us do everyday and only spend what you can afford and see how well it will work and again show those ROYALS that you can do it all on your own…

  4. I am a Dane and I am not a beggar nor am I on social welfare. I can see that the author of this blog, as an australian, would like to see Mary as a fashion icon. I just dont see it at all. But that is my opinion. Her dress at Victorias wedding seemed to be put together at the last minute with some lace, perhaps to make her more modest. Dont know, but I didnt like it.
    I wish she would wear Danish designers but she rarely does. I see her in Prada alot, and Louboutin. I think she should do more to support Danish designers as they are very talented and deserve such support.


    For one moment I thought the ‘foible’ in the title applied to Crown Princess Mary! Is she really a superstar? – I thought she was supposed to be a royal, and they shouldn’t come under the celebrity umbrella!

  6. Crown princess Mary is a style icon. But she also makes a difference in her work against bullying. In Denmark her project against bullying amongst children is doing a lot of good in a lot of schools through out the country.
    She is the most popular royal person in Denmark. That says a lot as the Queen Margrethe is so very popular.

  7. Mary has a style advisor, who chooses her clothes and what she wears and how she wears it. I guess she obviously has some say on the end product, but I doubt we can say that SHE is stylish… she’s obviously a product of her fashion advisor’s sense of style.
    I also personally doubt about her work as princess, which compared to other european princesses is rather poor…

  8. Dear oh dear. Not very lady-like, is it now Fergie?

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