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official wedding couple.jpgCongratulations, Victoria and Daniel! I think I can safely say they gave good wedding.  And thanks to Hello’s website for making me feel like I was there.

Waving to the crowds from their horse-drawn carriage, followed by a meander down the river on an ornate gold-encrusted gondolier (sounds more glam than ‘barge’, don’t you think) and a gentle walk across green lawns to the cathedral, Victoria and Daniel’s arrival was the perfect beginning to a regal and romantic wedding day after eight years together.

I must admit to an initial slight sense of underwhelm-ment at the simplicity of Victoria’s dress, but then, it’s Sweden – land of the pared down, the natural fibre, the clean, simple design (just don’t mention Abba’s Eurovision outfits…it was a long time ago, after all). Was instantly in love, however, with the gorgeous gold and pearl cameo-topped crown Victoria wore (where can I get me one of those!) which looked beautiful with the delicate, scalloped-edge veil floating behind her. And Dan, refurbished like the Swedish Cathedral in which they wed, looked dashing and debonair.

I couldn’t help feel for poor Dan, though. While Victoria, unsurprisingly, took it all in her stride, Dan looked a little less relaxed – his expression seemed to veer from nervous to happy and back to nervous again. Yes, he’s had eight years to get used to the royal way of doing things, but he did sometimes look as though he was only just managing under all the pomp and ceremony of the day – and who’d blame him, really?!

Perhaps he could look to Queens Sofia of Spain and Beatrix of Netherlands for inspiration – had to chuckle on viewing the guest arrival video clip as these two ladies strolled down the blue carpet as nonchalantly as if they were taking a afternoon turn around the back yard in their trackie dacks – and adorable Beatrix’ absent-minded waving as she nattered away to Sofia. Now there’s your royal role models, Daniel!

wedding waltz.jpgAnd was that wolf-whistling from the esteemed guests I heard during the bridal waltz video clip? Not a custom at any wedding I’ve ever been to, but perhaps for those crazy royals it’s the done thing to wolf-whistle the happy couple during the wedding waltz. Which Victoria and Daniel performed very stoically. And visibly cheered up when the rellies joined in.

queenmargretheII.jpgRoyal Frock of the Event has to be a tie between Princess Mathilde of Belgium in delicious crushy pink, and Queen Margrethe II of Denmark in that gorgeous serene green. And that necklace…I want one of those as well!  Where is she in the Hello! Best Frock nominations?!!?  Along with her husband, Prince Henrik, adorned in his fluffy hat and festively-decorated uniform,they were a winning couple – apart from the bride and groom, of course.

Of the non-royals girls, my frock picks go to Charlene Wittstock and Tatiana Blatnik. Now, is that a coincidence or what! As we now know, they are both now poised to walk down the aisle

tatiana-nicolas---a.jpgthermselves – perhaps it was the glow of impending bride-dom that caught my attention as much as their stunning gowns….

Special mentions to Denmark’s Prince Frederick who must have rummaged through the dress-up box for the occasion…. still, it’s always good to buy a couple of sizes bigger – room to grow and all that. Also to Princess Mabel of the Netherland for her, er, interesting corporate ballet combo.

Yes, all in all, it’s been a fabulous dose of royal wedding….and now, more to come. Ahh, happy days…

Congratulations Victoria And Daniel – may you be happy together forever !

P.S. Just a note: may I say, time to lose the glasses, Dan. I think Clark Kent has well and truly left the building…

P.P.S.  Along with Princess Victoria’s historic wedding, Julia Gillard being appointed the first female Prime Minister of Australia has made this a week to remember! Strewth, think it’s time for a soothing glass of sav blanc – go, girls!



  1. Writing from Boston, Massachusetts. My boss is a humorless 68-year-old businessman who has no interested in celebrity or royal news whatsoever. The other day a co-worker and I were discussing Victoria and Daniel’s wedding and the boss stuck his head in my office just to say he really liked her dress!!! Totally cracked me up! I like your blog. – Carolyn

  2. Princess Victoria and Daniel looke so fresh and reslaxed on their wedding day. Not only Princess Victoria’s dress was beautiful, Prince Daniel’s Suit fitted him like somthing out of the movie.
    May they have a lifetime of wedding blis.

  3. Just a note. Gondola is the boat, gondolier is the man who steers it.

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