Lumps, lotharios, and marathons

Queen painting.jpgHmm. Love a good portrait or two, but I’m not sure about the latest likeness of the Queen from Rupert Alexander.

I mean, I love the understated tone of the painting, the simple colour, and unadorned features, but the poor Queen’s complexion looks a little lumpy to me. A little too reminiscent, in fact, of the white sauce I made for my tuna bake dinner last night – damn those lumps!!

Wouldn’t be surprised if QEII was saying exactly the same thing…

caroline at flower show.jpg

No one can argue that Princess Caroline is the embodiment of grace and style in the fashion stakes, and she shows the very same qualities in her dignified stance on the marriage issue – class all the way.

Meanwhile, Ernst publicly indulges in a tropical lovefest. Tsk, tsk…..As my mother used to say – what the hanover was he thinking? Not very much, it seems.


beatrice marathon.jpg

And finally, Wow! is pretty much all I can say on reading of Beatrice’s marathon efforts.

Just Wow!

Now there’s a female royal role model!


  1. Jeff Gerard

    Rupert Alexander’s “unadorned” portrait of Her Majoesty makes the Queen look dour, sour, and dyspeptic. Those are things that I never associate from a Queen who always seems to be smiling and pleasant.

  2. I Like Her Majesty’s portrait. I really do. It has some down-to-earth and almost homely touch that makes her Royal to the bone and not so Royal poised (if you know what I mean) :). Lumps included :P.
    Well, if you have to ask what is Prince Ernst thinking, Mum didn’t do such a great job with you ;).
    To say that Beatrice is a Royal role model to follow just because she finished the marathon is going a bit too far, don’t you think? Before claiming her a role model (if I ever) I’d like to see her committed in stronger, sure and steady initiatives and not “just” this and then party party party…

  3. Don’t like the portrait either of our gracious Queen!

  4. The Queen looks like George Washington in this portrait.

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