March, 2010

Mar 10

Royal Round-up

charles.jpgCharles, as King, not taking on the role of Head of the Commonwealth ? How very interesting.

For many of us away down here, the connection between the British monarchy and our identity as part of the Commonwealth are one and the same; an irrefutable and essential aspect of our national being-ness, as relevant today as it was 200 years ago. For others, the British monarchy is a part of our history, not our present. And so goes the recurring republic/Commonwealth debate around these parts.

However, I suspect that neither monarchists nor republicans would be happy with the prospect of a non-royal as Head of the Commonwealth – no doubt fuelling the republic/monarchy issue into a veritable frenzy! Will it be the tipping point for us Aussies to become a full-blown republic? Interesting times……

Aiko.jpgMeanwhile, in Japan, little Princess Aiko has been suffering from panic and anxiety attacks, apparently as a result of schoolyard bullying. As a mother, hearing of any child being victimised by school bullies always pulls at the heart strings. For litte Aiko, her royal-ness will always brand her an outsider at any school, and with the Japanese tradition of cloistering the female royals, this kind of episode may end up sending Aiko permanently back into the royal house for her schooling…. which would be such a shame. Just as her mother has suffered from strict Japanese royal protocol this happy-looking child may end up following in her footsteps. Sad.

camilla south africa pres.jpgAnd then, to the issue of babies and Camilla’s nose.

Having conducted in-depth research of the Queen-To-Be’s appendage, I can find no clue as to its mysterious power over the general baby population. It appears to be in perfectly normal proportion to the rest of her features, and is not in possession of unusual or distinctive colour, patterns, or other noticeable adornments.

 I suspect that said babies are merely reaching out in their delightfully spontaneous way in response to Camilla’s warm and positive vibe, to which many have attested. After all, babies can sense these things. So there we go… mystery solved! Now if South African President Jacob Zuma reached out for a little tweak…that would make a headline!

carla.jpgAnd finally, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy notes how lucky she was to fall in love and find someone to marry at her age. I have to agree. It’s a jungle out there.  But hang on, maybe being a famous supermodel/recording artist helps one’s chances…. Genius! I’m onto it.

It was a little hard to concentrate on the video, mind. Maybe my eyes are failing me (not unlikely given I’m on the wrong side of… something), but was that lamp in the background listing to one side???  No, I had not yet had my evening glass of wine….

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