January, 2010

Jan 10

Wills whirlwind tour

Back on deck from summer holidays and to the most important royal event of this week, in these parts, at least – Prince William’s fleeting but fabulous tour of our sunny shores. With Wills charming all and sundry, he has certainly caused a frenzy among us Aussies – the ‘Prince William has left the building’ style TV news flashes notwithstanding… 

Thumbnail image for Wills table tennis.jpgOne has to admire Will’s youthful energy with a packed New Zealand schedule of, as Hello!
wills bbq.jpgnotes, ‘barbecuing, rugby-tackling and Maori-dancing’, And then it was onto Aussie cricket-playing, target-shooting, table-tennising, speedboat-riding, and more barbequing!  Phhewww! Bet he cooks a mean sausage…

Also to admire is Wills’ patience and good humour with the relentless meet and greet of Aussie punters, and the seemingly endless parade of dive-bomb kissers aiming for the royal cheek. I recall Charles attracting a similar response on his earlier visits here. Like father, like son, it seems – a point which Wills duly noted (and approved of) during a speech at Government House.

wills opera house wave.jpgBut all charm aside, when it comes to royal tour outfits, a prince is clearly just a prince – blue suit, navy tie for arrival. Blue suit, purple tie for a formal dinner. Blue shirt, khaki pants for casual….you get the picture. Call me shallow, but I found myself longing for the fun and glamour of the feminine royal tour wardrobe  – designer frocks, fab hats and funky heels, all put together in a royally witty way. …. kinda hits home that a prince really does need his princess…..

 Whatever his outfit, though, Wills’ down-to-earth,

wills crowd shot.jpgfriendly demeanour surely won some new fans down our way, with one particular 12-year-old in my vicinity saying, “He doesn’t act like a prince. He’s pretty cool, actually”. I have to concur with that!

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