October, 2009

Oct 09

A study in contrasts

Lately, it seems it’s all about the artistic expression of leading ladies. But how do they compare?

Michelle Obama.jpgAccording to its creators at Jailbreak Toys, the Michelle Obama doll is intended as a tribute to America’s first lady. While Michelle herself certainly exudes a charismatic strength, this doll doesn’t do her justice.

Yes, the doll is a deliberate exaggeration – anything made by a company called “Jailbreak Toys” doesn’t sound like it would be a lifelike reproduction, after all – but then the company expects it be popular among girls. Hmm, I’m not too sure…

Michelle herself has chosen not to comment – hoping it’ll just quietly go away, methinks…


Sarah Brown.jpgMeanwhile, over at French First Lady Carla Bruni’s website, a sketch of Sarah Brown has popped up. Now, I must admit to an initial frisson of envy – model, guitarist, songwriter, fashion icon, wife of sumptuously-haired French man… and now artist as well?

But no, Carla is generously showcasing fellow Gaul Alice Dechelette’s work. Again, hmmm. While Sarah is known for her down-to-earth, first-lady-next-door vibe, the portrait isn’t a particularly  accurate representation of the prime minister’s wife.

Sarah’s reported “bemusement” suggests that she’s not too sure about it, either…


Victoria cover.jpgAnd then we have the winner of the leading lady images: Sweden’s Princess Victoria, who looks so languidly chic on the cover of her new biography you could almost faint.

Displaying her elegant profile, the gorgeous black and white photo is a tantalising combo of classic European glamour and funky modernity. Exquisite!

Now there’s an image that makes you want more….. Michelle and Sarah must be just a tiny bit jealous.

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